Winter to Spring to Winter again!

With temperatures feeling a little more on the Spring side, we were finally able to get some fresh air outside, enjoy the snow, and then….it rained. And rained….until the rain turned back into snow…oh Canada!

With the weather making it’s own mind up on the outside, we were focusing our minds on what was happening on the inside. Each class was busy getting back into routines, and programming, as the holidays have come to an official end. Which means it’s back to business here at The House…

But where there’s work, there’s always a little bit of play, and this week we were able to do just that as we welcomed back Suzie Sunshine, Karate, the animals, Rachelle with M is for Music, and Ms. S too with French Fridays!

We will start with the Toddler’s of the House, where the Toddler One’s worked with their hands this week – using their hand-eye coordination when it came to creative, and sensory…

And as we move into the Toddler Two classroom, they too were using their hands and eyes, as you can see below! With a tray of “painticles” they got messy when it came to creative this week.

From the fun upstairs, we move into the Preschool classroom where they had fun both indoors and outdoors this week, finally getting to play in the snow…

And when they got inside, they were busy working with their letters and when they weren’t lettering, they were painting, or taking a much deserved break with a book…

And last but not least, the Seniors of the House followed suit when it came to letters, they joined Preschool and worked on their letter recognition….

They played a matching game, and worked together to find the matching sets.

And because it’s snowing, and we are true Canadians, they all got in on the good ol’ hockey game…

Speaking of snow, as I type this, the rain outside is now snow, and so with that I am off to salt the lot….be safe, and enjoy your weekend everybody!

The Chartwell House.


New Year, new temperature records! That’s right we started 2018 with a bang while we celebrated and then another bang as we broke records with the coldest start to a new year…I am not sure if that is a fact, but when the temperature in my car says -20 before the windshield I would believe it!

With the deep freeze happening outside we have been kept inside, making this short week feel just a little bit longer as a few of us may be going a bit stir-crazy. But we managed to make this short week full of fun, and surprises.

And here is proof.

We will start in the Toddler One classroom where it was all about the dumping, pouring, filling, sorting, and repeating. What toddlers love, and do best…

And then they got their hands messy when painting, and then again when they did the polar bear dip with their hands diving into the sensory bin. See below.

From Toddler One, to Toddler Two we go…

The Toddler Twos joined the Ones when they too got wild with water.

Painting the rocks using water. 
Water in the sensory brings all the toddlers together. 

And just like that the water turned to snow….


Speaking of snow, the cold weather outside let up for just enough time for the Toddlers to have some fun…

This is fun, I promise!

To move on to the next classroom we will have to head down the stairs into Preschool, where they focused on their fine-motor skills this week – working on their pincer-grasp while holding a pencil to trace the letters, where they carefully built towers and stacked blocks, and where they used their hand-eye coordination while practicing using a pair of scissors, and when turning the pages to their favourite stories.

And, last but not least we will make our way over to the Seniors of the House where they worked on their letters and numbers this week. Tracing the numbers, placing and matching the letters, counting the blocks as they stacked them to make a tall tower, and used the shapes to trace and outline.

To end the week, we had our French Fridays with Ms. S, where we learnt new winter words en Français.



And with the weather outside being frightful, and all the children being oh so delightful, we thought we would end the holidays with a….MAGIC SHOW!! We asked Bumbling Bert to come help us escape the winter blues, and did he deliver! I don’t know who enjoyed the show more the teachers, or the children! But Bert had us all laughing!


Thank you to Presswood Entertainment for coming last minute to give us all a good laugh!

Say those magic words…Abracadabra…and poof…the weekend is here.

Stay warm everyone! And have a wonderful weekend.

The Chartwell House.

Days away from 2018!

We are back! And we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with family and friends!

As we headed into the holidays, it all got very busy with the Art Show, Concert, and excitement! Everything was stirring through the House as we knew St. Nicholas would soon be here. With visions of sugar plums dancing in everyone’s head, there was no time to nap, or post the last few weeks….and so I bring to you, the last few weeks of December at The House in photos.

Ladies and Gentlemen….The Toddlers of the House…

From the Toddlers, we will know go into the Preschool classroom…

 Playing in a winter wonderland.

Last, but not least, have a look at what the Seniors of the House got up to…

Work hard, play harder! The Senior class take on the Chartwell hill covered in snow!

It was a busy month here at the House, but as another Christmas holiday comes to an end, we look forward to a fresh start heading into the new year. Can you believe it’s going to be 2018, and we still haven’t seen a flying car?

From all of us here at Chartwell, we would like to wish everyone a very…

Here’s to 2018.


17 days to go! Let it SNOW! Let it SNOW!


The countdowns are on! We have 17 more days to go before we wake up on Christmas morning. We have 12 more days until the Preschool classrooms impress you with their vocals on stage, and then there are only 7 more days until the Toddlers of the House let their art speak for itself during the Christmas Around the World Art Show. Are you all ready? Oh, and for those of you that may need reminding….there are 16 shopping days left! (You are welcome!).

With only days to go, we have definitely felt the hustle and bustle of the holiday season here at The House. The Preschool classrooms have been working and perfecting their jingles, and the Toddlers are covered in sparkles, and glue getting set for the big Art Show. We may be excited for Santa coming to town, but we are also excited to WOW all of you!

Now, with the weather outside getting a little bit closer to frightful, I hope you are snuggled up by the fire that is oh so delightful as you read and take a closer look at what each classroom got up to this week…

We will start in the Senior Preschool classroom where superheros were found decorating Christmas stars, where Christmas themed books were spread out for all to see, and where pretending to be Santa made for a jolly good time!

And with snow on the way and the temperatures dropping, I can say with confidence, that I am not alone when I think a little bit of sun against the skin would feel nice right about now…and so the Seniors of the House, brought in the sand to remind us all of warmer days on the beach!

A day at the beach
It may not be the same feeling as being between your toes on the beach, but tractors in the sand is definitely the next best thing! 

When their little hands weren’t in the sand, they were decorating Christmas wreaths…

From the Coach House to the Main House, we enter the Preschool classroom where the stockings are hung by the fire with care, the lights twinkle on the tree, and the Christmas and Holiday art is up and for all to see!

The Preschool classroom was busy with creative…

They were busy working with colours…

And they were busy creating rock displays, practicing their hand-eye with dumping and pouring in the sensory bin, racing cars, and even working their self-help skills while ironing their uniform for another days work.

You’ve seen the happenings in Preschool, so now we will venture up the stairs into the Toddler Two classroom where last week it was all about demolishing whatever was in their path, to this week where they dumped and poured and repeated.


Dumping and pouring is a fan favourite in both Toddler classrooms, but this week in the Toddler One classroom it was all eyes on Ms. Richardson, or better known as “TT,” as she built skyscrapers for the Toddlers. They watched as she placed one block at a time making the tower taller and taller until….TIMBER! Each time the blocks fell to the ground, it was just the funniest thing to these Toddlers.

How many?
As they finished building the tower, they helped count how many blocks there were before they TIMBERED down! 1, 2, 3…

And then after learning from the pro, they attempted to build a tower on their own…

When they weren’t constructing towers, they were constructing art…

And they worked with the Primary colours…

That was not all the hustle and bustle, the House also had Karate, M is For Music with Ms. Rachelle, and French visit this week.

M is for Music with Ms. Rachelle. Singing Jingle Bells. 

And French with Madame S was learning new items related to Christmas – such as, le cadeau, l’arbre de Noel, le Pere – Noel, la canne de Noel and les cloches – now, I’d tell you what those are in English, but I will leave that up to your little ones.

Before I sign off, wishing you farewell, I’d like to take a second to thank all of you who have helped us, help others this holiday season! We put three blue bins out for our Chartwell Food Drive, and within days you all responded! We will be taking all the food items to Oakville Fareshare Food Bank at the end of next week!


I will now say….have a wonderful SNOWY weekend!

The Chartwell House.


Anyone else wake up to an Elf on their Shelf?



It may be the end of the week, but it’s the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right December is here, and that means nothing but good cheer!

With Christmas around the corner, the House is starting to shine merry and bright! As you walk through the classrooms you’ll start to see Christmas lights, trees, snowmen, and countdowns – there’s 24 days to go! Ho! Ho! Ho!

To the Kinder classroom we go…

Where snowflakes hang in the window, and Christmas wishes hang on the wall – in hopes that Saint Nick doesn’t drop the ball. The Kinder classroom have decorated their dramatic centre, where they practice hanging the bulbs, and ornaments on their tree! Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree, what pleasure do you bring to SP!

O Christmas Tree!
Charlie Brown we’ve got you beat!

They conquered their fine motor skills while focusing very intensely peeling and sticking the Holiday themed stickers to the paper, and tracing the shapes of the cookie cutters too.


They scooped and shoveled the snow into the buckets, and played the good ol’ hockey game….hockey and snow eh?

With the temperatures still above zero, it’s been hard to keep Frosty from melting as you can see from the Kinder’s creative this week – see below!nov271

From the Kinder classroom into the Preschool classroom, you will continue to see the lights flickering and decorations hung by the fireplace with care. The Preschool class was busy putting the ROCK into the Jingle Bell Rock as they took the stage to show their skills…


They too were busy creating winter inspired art for their walls – making it feel just a little bit more like Christmas is coming to town!

They rolled up their sleeves and washed the dishes in the sensory bin. Tip: This skill could also be done at home!

You’re welcome.

With Preschool cleaned up, let’s make our way into the Toddler Two classroom where it was all about…demolition! That’s right the Toddler Twos were ripping apart paper, using their fine motor skills to tear the paper into pieces…


They whipped and slashed the corks that were dipped in paint to create fine art…


And they used their muscles to push the tires around the yard rolling over the cracks –  their own version of the demolition derby!

From the derby to the tables we go as we make our way into the Toddler One classroom where they focused their eyes, hands, mouth, and nose on what was happening in the classroom. It was all about the different senses this week…

They felt good about having all hands on the different textures lined up on the tables. From soft, to rough the toddlers walked around the classroom getting a real feel for it…

Do you hear what I hear? A song, a song….

A song sung by the one and only Ms. Suzie Sunshine who joined us here at The House early in the week…you may know this one!

First we sang it in English with Suzie, and then we sang in French with Ms. S. Jingle Bells to Vive le Vent (excusez mon Francais). We sang with Ms. S, and we learnt a few more words in French to add to our vocabulaire. Merci, merci, Madame S.

Now, that we have dashed through the week, let’s have a holly jolly weekend everyone!

Happy December!

The Chartwell House.

Welcome back Mr. Golden Sun

This weather has us going from bundling up in full Winter gear, to searching for that Sunscreen we packed away, – okay, so maybe it’s not that warm or extreme, but Mr. Golden Sun has made a come back – watch your back Sir Jack….(Jack…like Frost, Jack Frost you get it).

A full week has passed since I last talked with you, and so let me catch you up to speed with a few highlights that happened this week at The House:

1. We welcomed Karate, Yoga, Music, and French
2. Our Christmas Concert songs are hearing very in-tune and closer to perfection as we are 18 school days away from the stage!
3. The Toddlers have been like little Elves as they have been working very hard on their Art pieces to present and show all of you in just 15 school days!
4. We started our Chartwell Holiday Food Drive

This week we will venture into the Senior Preschool classroom to start things off. Have a look at the photos below to see what the oldest ones of the House got up to…

The Seniors have been focusing on their shapes this week – lining up the shapes and matching them while under the clock, they also sorted the shapes collecting the circles, triangles, squares and organizing them into the right piles, and they practiced their pincer-grasp to trace the different shapes too! They painted what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas, and they took a closer look at the catalog in the sensory bin if they weren’t sure what they wanted to ask for just yet.

Next up is Preschool….here’s a look:

They work hard even in the cold!

In the above photos, the Preschool children are playing with, “loose parts.” They are using both their imagination and creativity while exploring the loose parts.

Loose parts

Self help skill: Learning to wash those dishes early  (You’re welcome!)

We will now have a look at the Todddler Two classroom where they were focused on self-help skills, and doing things all by themselves.

Like, getting ready to take on the cold. See below as the teachers step back and let the independence shine…

And peeling their own oranges during lunch time – we know it takes a little more effort to start that peel, but once we started it for them….they took off and flew!

They also worked on their number recognition and counting, as they counted the right amount of squares to the number shown. Colour recognition came up too while they matched the colour of the blocks to the colour on the paper.



We have made our way to the youngest bunch of the House, and will have a look into the Toddler One classroom where they continued to look at all things that go, and explored their sensory play while browsing through the different catalogs.

The fan favourite seen below, was when they got to dump, pour and repeat…


You have just seen photos and got a closer look into the classrooms during their programming time, now I am going to show you a glance at our extra curricular programs that came for a visit this week…starting with Ms. S teaching French – she continued the colours themed, having the children match the colours en Francais!

During Karate, the Preschool and Senior Preschool classrooms showed off their strength…

Each classroom stretched it out with Yay! Yoga…

And listened carefully as Rachelle played different instruments behind their backs, and they had to guess which instrument sound they were hearing…do you hear what I hear?

what do you hear?

Some of them even got a chance to learn how to play the keyboard – they keys on the board would light up showing them which key to move to next, and as they followed along they were playing a song…

Look at me now!

And that is all folks. Oh wait….this just in! Friday is coming to a beautiful end…


From this House to you, have a wonderful weekend!

-The Chartwell House.


“Busy, Busy, Busy!”

This week at The House has been, “busy, busy, busy,” just like Professor Hinkle would say. With Christmas coming to town very soon, we have been working hard, singing hard, and wishing for snow even harder….oh, just me? Okay, maybe not the snow part, but we are preparing for our Christmas Concert and Christmas Around the World Art Show and it has been go, go, go!

When we weren’t perfecting our vocals, or getting our hands messy in art, we were singing with Suzie, balancing with Monkeynastix, rockin’ with Rattles, counting in French with Madame S, and taking a deep breath with Meditating Munchkins.

When we weren’t singing, dancing, meditating, balancing or learning another language we were busy in our classrooms learning all about….I will hold you in suspense for just a second as I set up up a visual tour of what happened this week in each classroom….

Kick your feet up by the fire, and cozy in. Because we are about to begin!

We will start with the Senior Preschool classroom where they have been focused on their letters this week. They took an even closer listen to the sound the letter, ‘B,’ makes, as well as practicing their pincer grasp when tracing the letter B, or attempting to write the letter themselves. Along with, ‘B,’ they have been introduced to some basic, m-a-t-h. Ms. Johnson has taken the class on a journey teaching them all about Addition to start with. They counted, added, and wrote the answer themselves, or may have traced it – but you could tell they were proud of their work when they were complete. And believe it or not, most of them did their homework too!

Photo below: Shows the Seniors counting, and learning all about Addition.


From the Senior classroom we will head next door into the Preschool classroom where they were very focused this week, concentrating on their hand-eye coordination while building, and constructing with blocks and more.

They also bundled up and took to the outdoors, enjoying the crisp air while exploring the leaves, making a train, and what looks to be a very serious game of poker…

The Preschoolers also got their hands messy as they crafted Frosty together- gluing on the corncob pipe and a button nose and the two eyes made out of coal. They also made it snow, using a fork to create quite the snow storm.

We’ll get out of the snow storm and head up the stairs into the Toddler Two classroom.

This week the older Toddlers were curious about numbers, counting and letters too! They practiced their counting to 10, they listened as they heard the sound of each letter, and they also attempted to pair the matching letters together too. (Fact: If you search “Jolly Phonics,” on YouTube, your little one will sing and show you the actions to each letter for you!)

1, 2, 3...
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
How many wine bottles were emptied in this photo? …4, 5, 6….
Working together to find the matching letters.

From Toddler Two, we will move into Toddler One where they liked to,” move it, move it,” all week. They watched as cars, trucks, blocks, their little legs and more moved. They watched as they raced the cars down the slide and how fast the wheels went round and round. They watched as the blocks fell to the ground after building a tower and knocking it over, they watched their legs run as they moved all over the classroom and yard.

Like the Toddler One room, we are going to MOVE into the weekend. We are another week closer to CHRISTMAS everyone!

Speaking of Christmas – The Oakville Tree lighting happens tonight in the Town Square from 7-10pm and the Oakville Santa Claus Parade comes to town Saturday morning at 9am.

Have a wonderful weekend all! 🙂

-The Chartwell House.