The night before December…

and all through the house, creatures were stirring although not one mouse…

A few chosen Animals from Animal Ambassadors came to visit, along with Mr. McCoy and Suzie Sunshine too!

During the week a lot can be seen through-out each classroom, from free-play, to open-art, to exploring, to creating, fine and gross motor skills, teachers taking observations, children learning their numbers, colours, shapes, French, self-help skills and more….a lot goes on here at The House and here is the proof in photos…

This week in Toddlers:

Junior Preschool…


And last but not least…Senior Preschool.

That’s the week in photos! And now let’s snap into the weekend!

Before signing off, we would like to wish both Ms. Kaur and Ms. Hillis a very Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day ladies 🙂

The Chartwell House.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Antarctica

With temperatures dropping way below zero this week we can feel winter is just around the corner! So, I hope before you read on you are bundled up, with your feet up, and maybe a hot cocoa in your hand.

Cozy in, and let’s begin….

Up in the toddler district, the little ones kept warm by running off the excess energy they stored up from being indoors and out of the freezer-like temps outdoors during their Monkeynastix visit.

We had Ms. Rachelle, from “M is for Music,” visit this morning who keeps our vocal cords in check, and surprises us with just how high some of our voices can go! With a good ol’ game of musical peek-a-boo, and some dancing too each class were up and down and moving to the sounds.

Madame S paid a visit to each classroom teaching the children the French words for winter clothing, and then having them place those items on Bonhomme.

We also welcomed two new programs to the Toddler’s schedule: Movin’ and Groovin with Ms. J from Mama Root, and the Mother Goose Program with Ms. S.

The Movin’ and Groovin’ program brings three programs in one with yoga, stretch and roll, and an obstacle free zone too! This program will now run bi-weekly on Wednesdays.  This week, Ms. J brought the music and turned it up along with the energy in the room when she got the youngest of the House up off their feet to groove it out.

Ms. S who received her Mother Goose training certificate will bring all the classics to The House, teaching the children nursery rhymes, new stories, and songs too! This program will run opposite weeks of the Movin’ and Groovin’ program on Wednesdays. (A very special thank-you to the Savage Family for the Mother Goose pictured above!)

We will continue in the Toddler district, and check in to see what the youngest of the House were up to…it looks as though they had a ball! Aballoffun

When you look at this photo you see two children playing with the circus balls and a cardboard box to place them in, but there’s more to it…not only are the children working together to put all the balls into the box, they are working on their hand-eye coordination, their fine, and gross motor skills, their counting, and their colour recognition. When they say a photo says a thousand words, this photo also says a lot can be learnt by looking deeper into what the children are doing when they’re seen as just “playing.”

They may be the youngest of the House, but it’s never too early to learn about helping our friends, and learning how to zip up those tricky zippers.


From circus balls, to snow balls let’s venture into the Junior Preschool classroom where snow filled their sensory bins, and snowflakes covered their tables.

From working on zippers, to buttons, the younger ones of the House will be getting ready for outside all by themselves in no time!


It was just snow flakes in Junior Preschool, but it was a complete white out in Preschool.

The Preschool children braved the cold as they packed the perfect snowballs into the water bottle working their fine motor skills with the tongs, or getting the job done a little bit faster with that hand-eye coordination.


With a high interest in how dish-scrubbers feel, the Preschool teachers got creative with what was used as a paint-brush for the children to dip, dab, and scrub across the paper.

The Preschool class may have let it snow, but the Seniors of the House, rocked around the Christmas tree…who said it was too early?

They puzzled, they Lego’ed, they went deep sea fishing…

And they built their own guitars while crafting with Ms. Costa.


The Seniors of The House also practiced both their pincer-grasp, and scissor skills while tracing letters, and cutting along the lines they made on the construction paper.

They all worked hard this week, and now it’s the weekend, which means it’s time to play hard! Enjoy 🙂

The Chartwell House.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

One day your’re carving out your pumpkin, the next day you’re shoveling snow and checking your shopping list twice! That snow fall may have come out of no where, but there is always something so magical about the first snow fall! I know I may be alone on this, but I loved seeing those giant snowflakes coat the grounds!


The weather outside may have been frightful, but the children playing inside were oh so delightful!

Like the toddlers of the House, who had their hands busy building, scooping, pouring, colouring, and dumping…and then repeating. They also got their hands on the playdough they made together as a class.

From all things sensory to all things that ROAR! The Junior Preschool class have been exploring all things DINOSAURS! Painting using their handprints, stomping the dinos in the playdough, and watching as the dinosaurs grow in the water!

The Junior Preschool children were busy roaming with the dinosaurs, meanwhile the Preschool children were all about BEANS! That’s right, beans! Pouring beans, measuring beans, dumping beans, counting beans…jumping beans! Maybe not the last one, but Preschool was full of beans this week!

And no marbles were lost as they watched the marbles drop one at a time…


The Preschool children also got their science on when experimenting with colour mixing during the Skittle Experiment. And in the words of Bill Nye, “science rules!” The children watched as the teachers placed the skittle in a circle on the plate, and as they added the warm water, the colour of the skittles started to melt and mix together….”ouuu, ahhhh!”

They also got a sensory overload when diving into the shaving cream, popping the bubble wrap, and painting with squeeze bottles and brushes.

From messy hands to green thumbs, the Seniors of the House gathered around to plant a Venus Flytrap with our Sheridan student, Ms. Costa.

They worked on their letter, and shape recognition, and they practiced their pincer grasp while tracing winter words.

They prepared the food, cooked the food, and set the table to eat the food together…


The Senior Preschool classroom also had a special guest for one of their Show and Shares this week. We would like to thank Mr. Dawson, for coming in to talk to us all about his job as a fireman. We were very lucky to have this special visit, and to learn more about what it takes to be a firefighter! Each child took home a firefighter helmet, and colouring book, again we thank you!


The Seniors also welcome Mr. McCoy for Karate, and Yay! Yoga too!

And that’s a wrap for this week at the Chartwell House.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend head on down to Oakville’s square where tonight they have the Tree Lighting from 7pm to 9pm, and then tomorrow morning the Santa Clause Parade is marching through downtown. HO HO HO!!

The Chartwell House.

“In Flanders Fields the poppies blow…”

Image result for remembrance day 2018

The House was busy with visits this week from Monkeynastix, Meditating Munchkins, “M is for Music,” with Ms. Rachelle, and French with Madame S. The children learnt breathing techniques using a hoberman sphere with life-coach, Ms. Laurel, they hopped, crawled, and rolled during Monkeynastix, and started to learn about the weather en Francais.

With a lot of rain this week, the House kept busy indoors…we will start in the Toddler One classroom where they looked for treasure in the sand bin. And they worked on their self-help skills while taking care of the baby dolls in the classroom, checking their temperatures, and also helping our friends with their shoes too!

From Toddler One, we will venture into the Junior Preschool classroom…where they showed an interest in ANIMALS! And together built a train…gathering the chairs one by one and bringing them to the carpet to place them in a line…CHOO CHOO!

We will ride the train right to the Preschool classroom where they practiced their fine motor skills while very carefully working the scissors.

The Preschool children chose from the open-creative to make masterpieces, using glue, paint, pine-cones, tissue-paper and more. They also collected as many leaves as they could to place them underneath the rubber-bands….counting the leaves as they carefully place them under the bands on top of the cardboard.

They also had a splash in the water! The children placed different items in the water bin to determine whether they would sink of float!

Zoom, zoom, zoom! It was all things that moved for small-world play, and to work on the number recognition the Preschoolers attempted to match the number on the car, to the number of the parking spot.

The car theme continued across the way in the Senior Preschool classroom, where they drove the cars through the paint to make tracks across the paper.

They worked on their shape-recognition while building their own too!

The Seniors of the House also worked on their penmanship, and letter recognition when practicing their letters, and making their letters using the Popsicle sticks.

The week has come to an end, and we hope the rain will too, but from us to you we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The Chartwell House.

Trick or treat?

Image result for Halloween

Sorry for the scare! I just wanted to get your attention, as you are about to embark on some spooky stuff! Scroll down at your own risk…








You, you are brave. Let’s begin…

It was just days before Halloween night, and all through the House, the children were stirring, no one quiet like a mouse. The Senior Preschool classroom prepped their pumpkins, dove into the sensory bin hands first, and very carefully worked their fine-motor skills.

The activity below was as easy as A-B-C…the children worked on their letter recognition as they pushed each letter of the alphabet into the box one at a time, naming each letter as they fit it into place.


And as they recognized and named the number shown, they built a block tower to match that number….one block at a time.


And continued counting, as they sorted the Halloween inspired loose-parts.

We will move into the Preschool classroom where they worked together to season the pumpkin seeds. Each child having a very important role in making delicious baked seeds to later enjoy.

Monsters, skeletons, and pumpkins…OH MY! Halloween was the theme during Preschool arts and crafts…

The Halloween inspired art continued as we moved upstairs into the Junior Preschool classroom where they put paint brush to pumpkin.


It took some extra hand-eye coordination when the Juniors very carefully hammered the golf tees into the pumpkin.

They also got their colouring on as they decorated different masks, and had fun with the playdough too!

We will end the haunted tales in the Toddler classroom where they did a very spooky science experiment, turned the lights out to see the glow-sticks glow, and worked on their sense of touch as they explored the different sensory Ziplocs.

They continued their sensory play while digging and sifting through the sand for “dem bones….” They also sorted and collected all things Halloween….spiders, eyeballs, mice, and more…

With Halloween over, it is time to finally announce the WINNER of the 2018 Chartwell Pumpkin Contest…with four very impressive pumpkins before us….


Only one could win…and that one winner is…..drum roll please….


Pete the Cat!
(Thank you to all of you who took part in the voting!)

Halloween and October have come to an end which means….CHRISTMAS is coming to town!

The Chartwell House.

Squash gossip. Lettuce be kind. And turnip because it’s Friday!

Image result for 5 days till halloween

With Halloween on our brains, the House continued to explore all things spooky!

We will have a look inside the Senior Preschool’s haunted classroom where they worked on sorting, matching, letter recognition, fine-motor skills, and more…

They worked hard on matching “dem bones” together, and learnt all about patterning too.

With the paint brush in hand, they also spiced up brown paper bags turning them into pumpkins one stroke at a time.


With the “Five Little Pumpkins,” a big hit the past few days, the Seniors whistled while they worked on their cutting, and pasting skills.

These fine motors skilled were also seen in the Junior Preschool classroom where they used cotton swabs to paint and decorate BATS!


Along with the fine motor skills, the hand-eye coordination was the focus for the children when carefully placing the pipe-cleaners through the small holes of the canister. Pipecleaners

The Juniors also got to use their creative side when designing the faces for the felt pumpkins…


Even during outdoor play you can see learning happening as they sort the colours of the circus balls.


And learnt all about teamwork, aim, and sharing too!

Speaking of teamwork, the youngest of the House worked together to create their classroom Halloween mascot….meet Spidey!


They continued working as a team when creating a small world on the counter top…


They named and sorted their colours too…


And the best part about being a kid is captured below – getting messy and having fun while doing so!


We will leave the mess in Toddlers, and end with the Preschool classroom where it may look like a mess, but it is a loose part master piece! The Preschool children built a tower with blocks, and then continued to build onto the tower using loose parts. They took their time placing the loose parts one at a time on to the blocks, and slowly each child had a very important part in this build.

From loose parts, to the small world table, the Preschool children explored their imagination and creativity while building a farm for the animals.

Organically…we will go from the farm to the plate…at the beginning of the week the interest was in all things relating to the farm, by the end of the week the Preschool children were all about food, taking orders and cooking.

They used some of their cooking materials to work on sorting…handling the tongs to place the jewels into the muffin trays. oct228

To work on their  colour recognition the Preschool children hand picked colourful leaves during outdoor play to sort by colour and then glued them down to make Fall inspired art pieces.

In the photo below you will see different stages of the pincer-grasp while the children worked on their letters, and “scribbles.” Scribbles may not make any sense to an adult. They look like a lot of lines, loops, and squiggles. But these marks are very important to a young child. They are a child’s way of writing their thoughts. Drawing and scribbling are the first steps in using the skills children will need later for writing.


Before we end, we must talk about how Monkeynastix, the Animals, M is for Music and French took place this week at the House.

Here’s a close look at the animals who came to visit this month…

For ‘M is for Music,” this week, Ms. Rachelle went all out for Halloween dressing the part, and singing her part too….hitting the high notes during the House favourite, “Five Little Pumpkins,” and getting the children up off their feet to dance to another classic, “Dem bones!.”


And to end the week, Madame S had the children learning their colours in French as they matched the colours together.

That brings us to the end…we hope you enjoy a weekend spent with your best buds.


Just creeping it real till Halloween.


With Halloween around the corner, the House and classrooms have transformed to give off a fright! Enter at your own risk!

Image result for halloween caution tape

We will start with Senior Preschool where I’d beware, most of of their classroom will give you a scare! With a haunted house for dramatic play, fingers, spiders and skeletons hidden in sand for sensory play, and Halloween themed books that give them the spooks!

The Seniors worked on their sorting skills while matching their colours too…


The Seniors also got their imagination going while putting crayon to paper to create their very own monsters.


They also worked on their letter recognition, tracing over letters, and painting with letters too.

From Senior Preschool we will head over to the Preschool classroom where they too were working on their pincer grasp while looking at a beautiful Fall bouquet of flowers to master still art.

They also got their hands sticky while making spider webs using the squeeze bottle to glue the string to the paper.

The Preschool class have also been working on measuring and comparing all the gourds – Using the scale to find out which one is the heaviest, and rolling out the measuring tape to see which gourd is the longest or thickest one. This simple set up helps children learn how to compare items, and communicate their findings. They also took a closer look at those gourds using the magnifying glasses.


With their small world set up covered in spider webs, the children came up with different ways to remove the spiders from their webs.


For their cookery this week, the Preschool class gathered around the tables and helped the teachers make Apple Sauce.

From the delicious smelling apple sauce in Preschool we will head up into the Toddler district where both classes were all about their colours this week. We will start with Junior Preschool where they sorted, matched, and mixed their colours…

The youngest of the House joined in on the colours by sorting their crayons, and stacking their blocks.

The toddlers also got into the Halloween spirit by making spider webs, and Frankenstein’s using their hands which you can see on display in the classroom.

They used tape to make spider webs on the table where they played with their cars, following the lines of the web…


They also worked together outside to collect pinecones for their Fall themed sensory bins.

Just when you were thinking to yourself boy those children keep busy we also added visits this week from Suzie, Mr. McCoy, Yay! and Yoga too!

And last but not least, Madame S continued her French this morning helping the children learn the days of the weeks and the months of the year. oct1528.jpg

La Fin.

We hope you are able to snuggle up in your jammies, and read a good book this weekend, just like we did today for PJ Day!


From us to you, have a very cozy weekend!

The Chartwell House.