“Busy, Busy, Busy!”

This week at The House has been, “busy, busy, busy,” just like Professor Hinkle would say. With Christmas coming to town very soon, we have been working hard, singing hard, and wishing for snow even harder….oh, just me? Okay, maybe not the snow part, but we are preparing for our Christmas Concert and Christmas Around the World Art Show and it has been go, go, go!

When we weren’t perfecting our vocals, or getting our hands messy in art, we were singing with Suzie, balancing with Monkeynastix, rockin’ with Rattles, counting in French with Madame S, and taking a deep breath with Meditating Munchkins.

When we weren’t singing, dancing, meditating, balancing or learning another language we were busy in our classrooms learning all about….I will hold you in suspense for just a second as I set up up a visual tour of what happened this week in each classroom….

Kick your feet up by the fire, and cozy in. Because we are about to begin!

We will start with the Senior Preschool classroom where they have been focused on their letters this week. They took an even closer listen to the sound the letter, ‘B,’ makes, as well as practicing their pincer grasp when tracing the letter B, or attempting to write the letter themselves. Along with, ‘B,’ they have been introduced to some basic, m-a-t-h. Ms. Johnson has taken the class on a journey teaching them all about Addition to start with. They counted, added, and wrote the answer themselves, or may have traced it – but you could tell they were proud of their work when they were complete. And believe it or not, most of them did their homework too!

Photo below: Shows the Seniors counting, and learning all about Addition.


From the Senior classroom we will head next door into the Preschool classroom where they were very focused this week, concentrating on their hand-eye coordination while building, and constructing with blocks and more.

They also bundled up and took to the outdoors, enjoying the crisp air while exploring the leaves, making a train, and what looks to be a very serious game of poker…

The Preschoolers also got their hands messy as they crafted Frosty together- gluing on the corncob pipe and a button nose and the two eyes made out of coal. They also made it snow, using a fork to create quite the snow storm.

We’ll get out of the snow storm and head up the stairs into the Toddler Two classroom.

This week the older Toddlers were curious about numbers, counting and letters too! They practiced their counting to 10, they listened as they heard the sound of each letter, and they also attempted to pair the matching letters together too. (Fact: If you search “Jolly Phonics,” on YouTube, your little one will sing and show you the actions to each letter for you!)

1, 2, 3...
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
How many wine bottles were emptied in this photo? …4, 5, 6….
Working together to find the matching letters.

From Toddler Two, we will move into Toddler One where they liked to,” move it, move it,” all week. They watched as cars, trucks, blocks, their little legs and more moved. They watched as they raced the cars down the slide and how fast the wheels went round and round. They watched as the blocks fell to the ground after building a tower and knocking it over, they watched their legs run as they moved all over the classroom and yard.

Like the Toddler One room, we are going to MOVE into the weekend. We are another week closer to CHRISTMAS everyone!

Speaking of Christmas – The Oakville Tree lighting happens tonight in the Town Square from 7-10pm and the Oakville Santa Claus Parade comes to town Saturday morning at 9am.

Have a wonderful weekend all! 🙂

-The Chartwell House.

44 Shopping Days left.

“Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!”

Photo of the first Snow Fall!

The weather outside may be frightful, but the children inside have been oh so delightful.

Mother Nature did not waste any time moving from that crisp Fall air, to that 7 degrees below zero freezing to the bone air, now did she?

With a cold front outside, we were sure to keep busy and warm when we were inside. With Halloween behind us, the classrooms have moved on to new interests and I am here to show you just what those are…

This week, we will start in the Preschool classroom where they talked about PEACE as they discussed Remembrance Day, and crafted their own Poppy’s too!

How to Create Peace…

The Preschool classroom have also taken a large interest in BLOCKS – building, constructing, knocking down, moving and transporting blocks all over the classroom. They have built cities with skyscrapers, towns with homes and have been tornadoes as they storm through knocking over each and every building in their path.

“It’s going down, we’re yelling…TIMBER!!”

If they weren’t building towers, they were busy counting, sorting, and playing with the loose parts…

They also practiced their hand-eye and fine motor skills as they took scissors to paper in the sensory bin.


From Preschool we will go up the stairs to the Toddler district where we will stop first in the Toddler two classroom, where they role-played, and explored the dramatic centre. They played dress-up with the costumes, they used the tools like a builder would, made pizza like a chef would, changed a baby like parents would and helped each other get ready to go outside like a friend would.

We will now go next door into the Toddler One classroom where we have been welcoming a lot of new little faces. Joining a new classroom can be scary at first, but then they meet the teachers, they meet new friends, they dance with Suzie, sing with Rockin’ Rattles, stretch with Yoga, spread love with Meditating Munchkins, and get up close and personal with all kinds of animals and then they forget they were ever scared in the first place.

The youngest of the bunch got messy in sensory, played with the babies and enhanced their self-help skills when washing, cleaning and diapering the babies, and explored the table-top activities…

From the youngest to the oldest of the House, we head into the Coach House where the Kinders spend most of their days…

They brought the outdoors indoors this week as they used all things nature to create their art masterpieces. Leaves and rocks were gathered to make these pieces happen. *No trees were harmed in the making.


They also sat down in circle together to talk about Remembrance Day, and what brings them PEACE, and what it means to them…nov61

Another way we kept warm this week was welcoming our extra curricular programs – we had Karate, we had the animals visit, we worked our vocals with Ms. Rachelle, and we also enjoyed our French Fridays with Ms. S.

Above photos:  Karate, Animals and Singing with Ms. Rachelle

Above photos: Learning our colours in French with Ms. S


The blog and week have come to an end, that means the weekEND is about to begin! Bundle up and stay warm everyone!

The Chartwell House

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

You all voted, the votes are in, and they have been tallied! I will now announce the winner of our 2017 Pumpkin Contest…drum roll please….the winner is…


Congratulations to Kinders! A job-well done! I would like to thank all of our participants, and voters for making this contest happen. Thank you, and congrats again to our Kinder class!

Now, let’s get right into what happened this week at The House…

We will start upstairs with the Toddler One classroom where they were talking, learning, reading, singing, and carving all things Halloween.

Coming up with ideas for the contest…
All eyes on Ms. Richardson carving Baby Pooh. (Yes, I know how that sounds!)
Gluing and sticking cats, bats, and….ghosts! 

The insides of the pumpkin were added to the sensory to get a better feel for Halloween.

Different costumes were added to the dramatic centre, and the Toddlers played dress up…looking good!

The Halloween theme crept into the Toddler Two room too – where they worked on their pumpkin for the contest, where the sensory bin turned into the insides of a pumpkin, where they decorated pumpkins, and where they work on their counting and number recognition using pumpkins too!

Helping Ms. Kelloway get the guts out!
Scooping, and using those fine motors to pick out the seeds one by one. 

They also sorted and sized the different pine-cones, keeping Fall around as long as they can…oct306

We will move from the Toddlers to the Preschoolers, where they too carved, created, and crafted pumpkins…

There’s no better way to read a story than in your Halloween costume…

We will move on to the Kinder classroom where they worked on and practiced their penmanship, and instead of all things Halloween they showed an interested in all things Jungle and Zoo animals.

Very proud work!

The costumes have been put away, the Spooky parade has been marched, the pumpkins have been judged, and the candy has been eaten…Halloween is over which means….CHRISTMAS is coming to town! But before we really say goodbye to Halloween I will leave you with these…


Your Chartwell staff everyone!

Tomorrow is Friday, and that means the weekend is near! Enjoy 🙂

The Chartwell House

It’s beginning to look a lot like…


There is only four more days until the spookiest night is upon us! Are you ready?

Last week you got to see inside our haunted house, as we showed off our decorations and Halloween inspired art, and now this week we want to continue the scare-show and present to you all that happened here…

It all started on a dark, and gloomy Monday morning, when we woke up to FROST, yes, frost on our windshields. As you got everyone in the car, you shivered as you made the drive to the House. You arrived at school, at your own risk you entered the classroom, the door behind you was creaking as it slowly shut and then…the week at the Chartwell House started…scary right?

Sit back, relax, kick your feet up, and maybe even steal from the Halloween candy that is suppose to last another four days…because here we go…

We will start with the oldest of the bunch, and make our way into the Kinder classroom. This week they continued talking zombies, skeletons, witches, and Princess Anna, sticking to all things Halloween as the week went on.

They worked on their fine-motor skills as they practiced holding a pencil and tracing the letters of the alphabet.

Writing 101

“Dem bones, dem bones, dem crazy bones…” They put dem bones back on to the skeleton matching the bones one by one. Look at the focus…

Don’t worry, they’ll put the skeleton back together again, it’s going TIBIA okay!

The classic cut and paste with the five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. We concentrated as we practiced using the scissors to cut out the pumpkins, and then we glued them and our fingers to the paper.

“Whooooosh went the wind, and out went the light!”

Bones, eyes, and pumpkins…oh my! were found in the sensory bin – scooping and sorting the eye balls into the small-sized pumpkins. We were working on our hand-EYE coordination.

As a class, the Kinders helped Ms. Hillis take the GUTS out of the pumpkin, feeling the slimy insides, and smelling them too! Then they helped separate the seeds to later enjoy them!

From the Kinders to the Preschool classroom we go, where they too continued on with Halloween…

Spiders and Ghost! Made from hands and feet!

When they weren’t covered in paint, they worked on their letter recognition, matching the small letter to the capital letter, and then went digging and scooping for eyes and fingers?….oh, Halloween!


As a team, the Preschool class sat down and had a discussion about what words they could brainstorm that have to do with Halloween…the results are below…

This is Halloween

As we move into the Toddler Two district we start to fade away from the Halloween theme for just a second as these Toddlers found an interest in all things that connect, and interlock.

They also dipped and dabbed into paint to create a very Fall inspired piece of art…

Last, but not least, we finish the tour with our Toddler One classroom where they too were saying, BOO!

They poured, they dumped, and they sorted!
They used their fine motor skills to transfer the eyeballs from one bowl to the next.
That has to tickle! Painting the feet to make spooky ghosts!

That is the end of the tour, but not the end of the show…there is still more as we had Yoga, music and French this week…

The above photos show the balance we had when Yoga came to visit.

Music with Rachelle was all about the lady who swallowed the….bat?

And then we had French Friday with Ms. S…

They have been learning different Halloween characters in French and here they are pointing and showing Ms. S they know their stuff!

The show and week has come to an end….which means the weekend is here! And it’s the last weekend of October…can you believe it?

Here’s a little something magical. Captured from a Chartwell parent…

Photo credit: R. Doolittle

Life is GOURD!

It’s that time of year again, when the children know the night of getting way too much candy is upon them. Yes, Halloween is still 11 days away, but here at The House the classrooms have been decorated to give all a fright, don’t be scared though, we are not suppose to bite. Skeletons, Frankenstein, witches and pumpkins hang from the ceiling, take over the walls, and cover the windows…this is Halloween, this is Halloween.

Before                                                                                 After

I told you we decorated. We may have gone over hill 😉

Now that you have seen the outside of the House, let’s move on to see the GUTS of the House…

You have seen the guts, let’s move on to see what the children of the House were up to…

We will start in the Kinder classroom, where they continued the Halloween theme by counting and working on number recognition while counting pumpkins, and using their fine-motor skills at the writing table when they stamped and stickered the paper using, “the spookiest Halloween stamps and stickers I have ever seen!”

They used the playdough to create scary-faces, they read and looked through Halloween and Autumn themed books, and crunched the leaves in the sensory bin using the dinosaur’s feet.

When they weren’t exploring or talking about Autumn or Halloween they were having a closer look into each other’s eyes. They have been interested in the colours of their friend’s eyes, and noticing we all have different coloured eyes. We will have to wait and SEE where this interest may take them…

We’ll move from Kinders, into the Preschool classroom where they threw us back into the good ol’ days of CDs – they used these loose parts, and created what they called, “a vortex of lava!” I am not sure what this entails, but it looks like this….see below.

They also focused on Halloween – decorating, creating and singing all things related to the spooky day.


Sorry to scare you mid-blog! But I wanted to warn you the next photos may be haunting…

After ghosting, they put their hands together to create spiders and stuck them in their web!

And nothing says Halloween like…PUMPKINS…


We all know Halloween FALLS in the month of October, which also brings Autumn and if you were to walk into the Toddler Two classroom you would see just that…all things Autumn.

Counting and sorting the pinecones.
They filled their sensory bin with different Fall items they collected while outside.
They took a closer look at the colours of the leaves.
And they used the leaves as inspiration as they painted…

The Toddler One classroom FALLowed suit, and stuck to the Autumn and Halloween themed week – while they painted Fall inspired paintings, practiced their counting and colours when sorting the leaves, and created skeleton bones using cotton swabs and glue.

“Leaves blowing in the wind”…can you see it?
Using our fine motor skills with the tongs to sort the different coloured leaves.
“them bones them bones, them crazy bones!”

Alongside all the decorating, we had a busy week with our extra curricular programs, starting the week off, was Suzie Sunshine…with one of our favourites!

We also had a bonus music program join us this week called, Music Together. A program that focuses on, “how the content and process of developmentally
appropriate music activities can support young children’s language and literacy skill


We discussed mindful movement, connecting emotions and feelings this week with Meditating Munchkins, and spread our love to Jack the turtle, while moving slow and steady just like him…


And last, but not least, we had our French Fridays with Ms. S, where we learnt a few new words relating to Halloween. It was…effrayant!

Halloween may still be 11 days away, but we are more than ready here at The House…as you saw. And…we are also ready to enjoy the season-high temperatures that are in the forecast for this weekend! Sliding into the weekend like…


Enjoy! 🙂

The Chartwell House


Let it FALL Let it FALL Let it FALL

We have been a very busy House, and therefore missed our blog update last week, and so I would like to take this time to say how THANKFUL we are for all of you! We hope you enjoyed your long Thanksgiving weekends! 🙂

Now, let’s have a look to see what happened this week in photos:

The Kinder classroom has been working on their letter recognition with apple picking, number recognition with pom-poms and turkeys, and practicing their penmanship while looking at Autumn inspired words.


Preschool took a break from all things Fall, and stuck with their good friend Pete the Cat this week. They worked on their letter recognition, and colours as they grooved with Pete through the week.

Toddler Two have been exploring all types of “lines” from straight lines to wiggly lines.

And the Toddler Ones were still hanging on to Summer has they blew lots and lots of bubbles, rode the bikes, and jammed to the beat of their own…



It may have been a short week, but it was action packed with a few of our extra curricular programs taking over…

Animal Ambassadors came with 8 special animals to show and share – see above.


We had music fun with our new music program – “M is for Music,: with Rachelle.

frenchAnd we have been working on our colours with Ms. S for French Fridays!

Speaking of French:

We would like to introduce you to: Madame Nancy – she runs BRAVO French Tutoring here in Oakville and is offering not only tutoring, but also private lessons that would be tailored to your child ages 7 to 10. She has tutored Alex’s son, who believes Madame Nancy is who kick-started his interest in learning more languages. She has provided us with her French-English sentence of the week, which is:

“L’automne, les feuilles changent de couleurs = In autumn, the leaves change colour.’

For more information on Madame Nancy, please see below…Merci! 🙂

It may have been a short week, and we may have all been in turkey recovery, but it was action packed and we look forward to next week when Suzie, Monkeynastix, Rockin’ Rattles and Meditating Munchkins take over!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Stay dry 🙂

  • The Chartwell House




A photo says a thousand words.

Before you scroll on, I recommend finding a comfortable spot so you are able to kick your feet up and relax while scanning through the photos that capture just what went on here at The House this week…

Feet are up? Let’s scroll…



From classroom, to our extra curricular programs that made an appearance this week: Karate, Yay! Yoga, Music with Rochelle, and French with Ms. S.

To the youngest of the House to the oldest, we wish all of you a wonderful weekend!

  • The Chartwell House