This is no SHAM, you ROCK!

Irish you all a…



We do our best to GO GREEN on a daily basis here at The House, however, once a year, we really go GREEN…this week, each class was inspired by the wee leprechaun himself and it was GOLD!

It’s your LUCKY day for I am about to show you just what we got up to with no delay!

We will start in the Toddler One classroom where the youngest of the house were very focused on hitting their target for the week…

Mission: Roll for the Gold! Make those top hats sway!

Ready, set….BOWL!

And when you just can’t seem to connect – you come up with plan B…


It has been a long winter, and so when the toddlers got to put their hands in sand, it was a nice reminder of summers spent on the beach…

(Summer: 69 days away).

When we said to go green, Toddler Two….really went for it!


And when they weren’t transforming, they were stuck on magnets. All their focus was attracted to just how magnets work…I’d say the outcome was more positive than negative!

And when their attraction for magnets wore off, they went back to painting…the key to art? Use a an actual key.

The painting didn’t stop as we go into the Preschool classroom where they too were painting St. Paddy’s Day inspired art.

Luck seemed to be on Preschool’s side, as they took pencil to paper to practice their pincer grasp, and to follow the letters to gain recognition…

Even more luck came to Preschool when they learnt they were making a very special treat…


Then they danced. 1. Because it’s Friday 2. Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day (tomorrow) and 3. Because there should always be a dance party.

The party continued into the Senior Preschool classroom, where they too went green for the week…

They all worked very hard on their pom-pom rainbows that were more precious than a pot of gold…


The Seniors of the House have also taken interested in the classic cut and paste art – focusing on how to use a pair of scissors properly, and then gluing their clippings…

And last but not least…..

When your Show and Share is a BLAST….

With that, let’s BLAST OFF into the weekend!

Enjoy, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!

The Chartwell House.

The weekend is loading…


We are just hours away from the weekend, and it feels good!

Before we kick our feet up for the weekend, let me tell you about our week here at The House. We welcomed Suzie with all her Sunshine, Mr. McCoy and Karate, Monkeynastix, the Animals, French, and M is for Music…to say the least, it was an action packed week!

Suzie Sunshine!

Karate with Mr. McCoy 

The Animals

French with Madame S


And “M is for Music…”

When we weren’t singing, shaking shakers, breaking boards with our hands, or petting the animals, we were in our classrooms exploring colours, numbers, textures, and more…

In the Toddler One classroom, they were covering the basics – learning their ABCs, and 123s that are simple as DO RE MI….(according to Jackson 5).


Friends helping friends with their letters…U N I together will accomplish it all. 
It is as easy as 1 2 3…

We will mix things up, and head to Preschool next to keep the theme of letters going  – each Preschooler focused on the letters that made up their names…

And when they don’t want to work, they just want to bang on their drums all day….


We will go with the beat up the drum back up the stairs into the Toddler Two classroom where the explored colours and textures. They ran their fingers through the sand to feel how soft it was while mixing the colours and letting it slip through their little fingers…

They worked on their fine-motor skills as they used scissors to try and cut through the rough, sticky wax…
And then, while using crayons they coloured over different items to feel how the crayon moved across the different textures. As they coloured, they started to see the pattern forming from the item under the paper…

They also used cinnamon sticks to give their art piece a fresh scent…

Smells like...

From Toddler Two, to Senior Preschool we go….speaking of GO, have a look at these trains one of our Senior Preschool children made using the smaller wooden shapes…

They also built a puzzle working together as a team…


And have been practicing writing their names, first by tracing then by free-hand…

They’ve also been working on their number recognition, and counting….in all different ways!

And following patterns too…

From colours, to numbers, to patterns to French, to music, to Karate and more….it was a busy week, that flew by…now let’s fly into the weekend!

Don’t forget —> This Sunday —> Daylight saving time 2018 in Canada will begin at 3:00 a.m. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

The Chartwell House.

In like a Lion…

Image result for hello March

One day the sun is shining, and the snow-pants remained hanging on the hooks, and then the next day we are back in full winter gear making snow angels, and tobogganing down the hill as a fresh coat of snow layered the grounds. “Oh, Canada…”

Just like that, February has come and gone, and we ROAR into March like a lion…fingers crossed this ol’ saying is true, and we out March like a lamb…

And like the weather, the happenings in the House continue to change…let’s explore.

We will start up the stairs and in the Toddler One classroom where the youngest of the House, took a closer look at the COLOURS of the rainbow this week.

RED and YELLOW and PINK and GREEN. PURPLE and ORANGE and BLUE. I can see Toddler One making a rainbow…
Using their pincer grasp, the toddlers dipped and dabbed attempting to paint their very own colourful rainbow.

I spy, with my little eye….RED!

From learning our colours, to discovering new textures we go from the Toddler One classroom into the Toddler Two classroom…

The T2’s took to outside as they went on a nature scavenger hunt…looking and feeling for different textures….they found pine-cones, pine needles, leaves, and more…

They felt the grooves of the tree, the lines of the leaves as they used their crayons to create nature-inspired art (See above photos).

When they moved inside, they got a real good feel of the paint in between their fingers…

Now, we will head down the stairs into the Preschool classroom where they were focused on the letter ‘G’ this week.

They painted with GRAPES, and used Green paint to make Great art to add to their class Gallery!


And they were Bill Nye inspired, when they tested out the sink and float experiment…

We will make our way over to the Coach House where the Seniors of the House were busy tracing, and focusing on their letters and numbers this week…

And they worked together to build multiple tracks to race their marbles down…


They also had a friendly tournament of Connect Four…

Very focused, tongues out and all.

To end the week, we also had Ms. S visit each classroom for French Fridays! Madame S introduced “Ma Famille.” The children will be learning the names of each family member…feb26112.jpg

Speaking of ma famille, I am about to go enjoy the weekend with mine!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

The Chartwell House.

Roses are red…

Violets are blue
Here’s a few photos
For all to view.

There was nothing, but LOVE in the air this week at the House, where each classroom celebrated Valentine’s Day with a whole lot of heart, and whole lot of pink and red, and red, and pink.

This week – a photo says a thousand words, so please, sit back and relax and scroll through the photos from this week at the House…

Toddler One:
All things creative were dedicated to Valentine’s Day – sponge painting with hearts, decorating hearts with heart stickers, and when it came to playing, cleaning, and changing the babies, it was heart-warming to see the youngest of the House, have such big hearts when it came to taking care of the dollies in the room.

Toddler Two:
The Toddler Two classroom focused on their Valentine fine motor skills, worked on their number recognition, and best of all made Valentine Day cupcakes as a group that they later enjoyed…

It was a mix between all things Valentines and all things construction in the Preschool classroom…

Senior Preschool aka Kinders:
It was a clean split between Valentine’s Day and the Olympics in the Kinder classroom…

Not only do we look the weekend, but we love it even more when it’s a LONG weekend!

From us to you, we hope you have a very Happy Family Day!!


And because it’s Friday….DANCE!

Snow Snow and more Snow

The weather outside continues to be frightful. Summer air right now would be oh so delightful.

Speaking of delightful, we had Suzie, Mr. McCoy, Monkeynastix, the Animals, and M is for Music visit this week, giving us a break from the books, and helping us drain our energy since we were once again indoors for most of the week.

Here’s a closer look at the Animals that came to visit this month…would you be as brave?

The Seniors of the House, learnt a new move with Mr. McCoy during Karate.

With a visitor coming each day of the week, it was a busy House, but each classroom still managed to squeeze some learning in here and there.

Let’s start in Toddler One, where they got their creative on – painting, gluing, drawing, dipping, and more. Using their fine-motor skills, they glue tissue paper on to mittens, they grasp cups to dip into different colours of paint to create circle art, and then they drove trucks with markers attached to create a piece of art from zooming across the table.



We will zoom zoom next door into the Toddler Two classroom, where they continued to explore ramps. They enjoy watching things GO, and MOVE down the ramp.

One ball at a time, they watch as they skid down the ramp and race across the floor.
The teachers cut the rolls in half to create a ramp for the sensory bin where they slide the pom-poms one at a time watching them dive into the bin. 
They painted and decorated the paper towel rolls, which will soon turn into their very own ramp. 

From the Toddler district, we will head into the Preschool classroom where funny enough they were working on the letter R this week….RAMPS! See what I did there?

feb541.jpgThey READ stories with one of our Sheridan Students Ms. Clair.

They took a break from letters, and moved right into math – working on their number recognition, while leaning how to add and subject at the same time…and if you add that all together, that also equals just how to multitask….


We’ll move right along from Preschool, and head into the Senior Preschool classroom where they’ve been learning all about Space. Learning the about the planets, the moon, the sun….the Solar System! They discussed where they’d like to go if they had a trip in a rocketship, a very popular choice was to meet the man on the Moon.

When they weren’t exploring in Space, they were back down here on Earth building towers, snowballs, putting together puzzles, working in their Workbooks, working on their number recognition, and of course playing with Play-doh!

That’s all folks! Another week is coming to an end, next week you’re just going to LOVE what we get up to…

Until then, have a good night, have a good Friday, and have a GREAT weekend!

The Chartwell House.

It may be cold, but Mr. Golden Sun is out!

From cold, to not too cold, to cold again, to….a deep freeze!

The weather out there has sure been a treat, keeping us cold all the way to our feet! We’ve seen outside now and then, but we’ve been stuck indoors over and over again. I don’t know about you, but the winter blues may just be true. Warmer weather will back soon, but for now, we will bundle up as if in a cocoon!

The start of the week was so last month…but I will start there to tell you all about what each classroom of the House got up to from Monday to Friday.

Cozy in, and let’s begin…

We will start upstairs in the Toddler One classroom where the youngest of the House welcomed a few new friends into their classroom this week – if this is your first time reading the weekly blog, WELCOME! Kick those feet up and enjoy…this is just the beginning for you!

The classroom turned into a lab, and the children turned into scientist as they explored how magnets work, how colours mix, how snow melts, and how to work a scale. Safe to say, Bill Nye the Science Guy had it right when saying, “science rules!”

As you leave the lab, and head into the classroom next door you would find the Toddler Twos testing out “the ramp.” From inside with paint, to outside with snow, the ramp was a hit! They watched as they rolled the balls down the ramp, and through the paint, leaving a colourful trail behind, a little bit different each roll.

After using a ramp to create paintings, they built and constructed their own ramps on the carpet to race the cars, roll the wine corks, push the roll of tape, and even managed to let a few blocks slide too!

We will continue to roll the ball and head into the Preschool classroom where they talked WINTER and LOVE, and no, not their love for winter, but about love, and all things winter related…

(If you walk into the Preschool classroom, you will see the bubble-wrap-feet-stomp-paintings were turned into big, beautiful hearts – hung with care on the walls for the coming of Valentine’s Day!)

They also LOVED getting their hands messy as they used their whole hand to create their own dinosaur…


And when their hands and feet weren’t in paint, they were grasped around a marker to practice tracing the letter of the week, which was (drum roll…..) the letter H.


With that, we will Hop over into the Kinder classroom…

Where they walked on the moon and explored Space, and roamed with the dinosaurs.

Where they tracked through the sand in the sensory…

And where they worked hard in their own personal work books  – tracing the letters, and focusing on their colouring skills…

From Monday to Friday we work hard, so on Friday to Sunday we can play hard!

The Chartwell House.

A break in the Cold Front

It has been a busy week for all at the House, with Monkeynastix, Karate, Yoga, French and Music making an appearance, on top of what was happening during program in each classroom….busy, busy, busy!

And with temperatures finally allowing us to see our backyard, we were able to enjoy some fresh, crisp air…yes, a beach is always nice, but when you breathe in that fresh air, it’s not all that bad…right?

Speaking up breathing, let’s all take a deep breath, put our feet up, and sit back and relax as I take you on a journey through the house and into each of the classrooms to see just what everyone got up to…

We will dive right into things starting with the youngest of the House in Toddler One, where they used their senses to explore different textures…from bubble wrap to sand paper, to painting with our hands, to the prickle of grass…

They may have got a little messy, but it’s always worth it in the end…

As we move into the Toddler Two classroom, there was no mess here, as they focused on cleaning, and sweeping the week away…

The Toddler Twos used their hand-eye coordination to sweep the jewels into the square on the floor…(side note: looking for some help with the house work? Put some tape down, and tell your little ones to sweep the crumbs into the square…here’s proof it works!)

They swept the jewels, and then they swept and scooped some more…

They even swept when they were painting…


From Toddlers to Preschool we go! The Preschool class was learning all about the different body parts, and what it means to respect others when it comes to their space and belongings. R-E-S-P-E-C-T…..find out what it means…

Which helped them when it came to French Fridays with Ms. S. Madame S has been teaching the children the different body parts en Francais, and today we learnt how to sing…”Tete, epaules, genoux et peids…” Pardon my French…that was, “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes!”

We also used our bodies to stretch it out with Yoga!

And Karate…

And with our mouths we sang with Rachelle…”We’re going on a bear hunt…”

The toddlers also got in on the action moving all body parts with Monkeynastix…


We are not done just yet, let’s talk about what the Kinder classroom got up to this week…

They built towers, towns, and cities.

And when it was just a little too chilly to go outside, they stayed inside to make playdough together…see the masterpieces below.

The Kinder classroom has also been working hard on their letter recognition, not only when singing Jolly Phonics, but when working away in their very own work folders – tracing the different letters, and then attempting to write the letters all by themselves too! They are very proud when they complete their work!

These smiles are contagious….especially as we head into the weekend! Smile 🙂

The Chartwell House.