Long Weekend Vibes.

With the long weekend only minutes away, I have just enough time to post photos for display.

Here’s what happened this week at the House…(in photos)

Starting in Toddler One:

The Toddler Two classroom joined the Toddler One classroom when it came to focusing on all things garden related….planting, seeding, digging, watering….maybe not in the order…but here are a few snaps from their week;

And when they weren’t rolling in the dirt, they were rocking out during creative…

And then we head to Preschool, where they too took to the dirt…

Karate, Meditating Munchkins and French…

And those drawings you have on your fridge, there’s reason and rhyme to those…see below:

We end our photo blog with the Kinders – where they took advantage of a rainy day to make play-dough as a class….and with the play-dough they made bunnies, snails, and attempted to spell out their names…

Short and sweet this week, but I’am off to enjoy the LONG weekend, and hope all of you enjoy it too!

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The Chartwell House.

There’s no hood, like Motherhood.

To all the Moms out there, no matter how far
Know that you’re on my radar
For being a Rockstar
A cook…
A Doctor, alarm clock, maid, waitress, teacher, referee, handyman, photographer, chauffeur, event planner, hairdresser, personal assistant, ATM, and boogie-man chaser.
You wear many hats, and yet no cape
I’d still put you up against Superman, you’d put him into shape
With all that you Mother’s do, I really want to thank you!
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With a very special day around the corner, your offspring in the House have been up to very special projects. I cannot give too much away, but you Moms…are lucky.

Here’s what I can share with you…

Preschool discusses what they like to do with their Moms, and what their Moms like to eat or drink:


The Toddler Two classroom was asked why they love their Mommy….here is why:

“She is nice”- Dante. “She plays with me”- Kian. “She gives me medicine when I’m sick”- Maria. “She gives me a lollipop”- Anna. “She plays with race cars with me”- H-man. “She makes me popsicles; I make them with her too”- Stella. “She has a baby in her tummy”-Kayla. “She takes me to the park”- Olivia. “She calls me Goose”- Ryan.”She plays cars with me; she takes me to the park” – Liam.

The rest is under wraps. For the Mom’s reading….to be continued on Sunday.

We will continue with Toddler Two, where they talked all things Mommy related, and all screamed for “The Ice Cream King,” book that just melted their little hearts.

One scoop. Two Scoop. Three scoop. Floor…..

They also took a closer look at the train tracks they built using their fine little motor skills to complete the job.


And when outside, they used the chompers to collect the balls around the yard….or pinecones, rocks, sticks…whatever they could capture with their chompers.

Speaking of cleaning up sticks…let’s fly back to the wind storm we had and the mess it left behind. It was quite the breeze, leaving lots and lots of debris and with Earth Day still in their heads and hearts, the Senior Preschools took it upon themselves to help clean up the yard.

Ms. HIllis, are we cleaning up the Earth?” “Yes, we are cleaning up the Earth!” “You can even smell that we’ve cleaned up the Earth…smell Ms. Hillis!”

With the clean smell in the air, the Kinders took to the sidewalks and participated in a neighbourhood stroll…finding trees that uprooted, squirrels with nuts, and more and more sticks…

Right, Left. Right, Left.

After stretching our legs, we worked with our hands and on our letter recognition.

They may work harder, but they dance harder…

It’s fun to stay at the…C-H-A-R-T-W-E-L-L…

And when the animals came to visit the House…the Kinders didn’t flinch, they didn’t get scared, they just got up close and personal…

From the oldest of the House, to the youngest we shell go…

The Toddler One classroom, although they aren’t too much older, they showed off their skills when it came to taking care of babies, just like Mommy…how cute is this!

And although the diapers were clean, they did end up getting their little hands messy….with paint…

What a great job – give her a hand!

We will end the show with the Preschool classroom, where they too focused on all things Mommy related, and also all things starting with Y.

A drawing of Mommy…


A list of Y words…

With the sun shining, and the landscapers cleaning our grounds, the Preschool children also hit the sidewalks to explore Chartwell Road.

Now….let’s walk into the weekend…hand in hand.


Happy weekend to everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommies out there.

For all you do, here’s to you!

The Chartwell House.

May the Forth be with you.

Busy, busy, busy! The House this week was busy!
From Monkeynastix, to Karate, to Yoga, to Music and then French, the children got their fair share of action when it came to the extra programs visiting this week. We were lucky enough to move most of the activities outdoors, as the sun was shining and the air was warm!

French with Madame S, and M is for Music with Ms. Rachelle remained indoors due to the rain this morning, but it was just as fun as the children continued to learn their shapes in French, and sing all about the weather! Rain, rain GO away!

And when they weren’t stretching, singing, swiping danger away, or speaking a second language they were in their classrooms where they worked hard, so they could play even harder.

The youngest of the House are always go, go, go, and so they continued their learning and discussion on trains, planes and automobiles…all things relating to transportation.

They like to move it move it, and we’ll move it right along and into the Toddler Two classroom where they cannot get enough of the creepy-crawlers! They too continued their learning and now slight obsession with BUGS. After spotting a lady bug (get it?!) they became infatuated with finding the next bug…

They have been naming all kinds of bugs when looking at different photos from dragonflies, to crickets, grasshoppers, bumble bees, to spiders, to the too many legged centipede…go ahead and test them!

When exploring outside, they found a beautiful butterfly taking a rest on one of the trees.

And when inside, they made bumble-bees.


And sure enough, a lady-bug with it’s perfect timing, stopped by landing at a very convenient table, where they took a closer look to connect the dots.


Oh to be a fly on the wall…

We will move from the Toddler Two classroom down into the Preschool class where they became one with nature.

And when it rains…..


We bake with Mommy while wearing rain boots, and watching a movie.

But when it’s summer-like weather, we take to the outdoors and sing our Jolly Phonics together…


We will end the tour in the Kinder classroom, where they have been busy reading the best of the best books to complete their reading challenge. They are on the road to reading 100 stories before the end of May, and are currently on book number 73. Once they hit 100 books as a class, Scholastic Canada will donate 100 books to children who need them! Let’s go Kinders!

The Kinder classroom definitely took advantage of the summer-like weather and enjoyed programming, snack time, Karate, Yoga, and Jolly Phonics out under the sun.

But when they were inside…they kept their hands busy. Building Lego homes, working in their workbooks, and working on their green thumbs too.

Now, let’s ride into the weekend like…


With the heavy winds outside, stay grounded everyone! And enjoy your weekends.

The Chartwell House.


As we gave a little extra love to the Earth over the weekend, we continued to be inspired by what this beautiful planet has to offer…from the creepy-crawly bugs that roam the dirt or fly in the sky to the different forms of transportation we use to explore this land…we appreciate it from the ground up!

We will start in Toddler Two, where they had the whole world at their fingertips. They used sponges, with blue and green paint to create little versions of the World that are now hanging from the classroom ceiling on display.

The Toddler Twos also continued their interest in bugs after finding a ladybug spending some time in their classroom last week. After the ladybug captured their attention, BUGS became the coolest thing! And so…they explored!

And when they weren’t exploring…they swatted!


They were not the only ones exploring the creepy crawlers….the oldest of the House got their hands wet while getting a little bit closer to the bugs…


They also followed suit when painting the Earth…

The Kinder class got to go on a very special bus trip to the Waste Management Site to further their knowledge on all things to do with recycling, reducing, and reusing. The tour guide, Nicole, was quite impressed with the questions asked, and just how much we knew about recycling.

Here is what we saw during our trip…

Spring is here, and so is the clean-up!

The green machine is breaking up our pumpkins, and Christmas trees to turn into the dirt we use for our gardens.

This driver came up close, and showed off his moves with the machine that flattens the garbage – the more we recycle, the longer this landfill will last! Do your part 🙂

And when fresh garbage arrives, the seagulls tend to flock! And to stop them from rummaging through the garbage and picking it up and dropping it elsewhere is this guy…

One would think driving through a dump of garbage would be smelly, but did you know they have giant vacuums that will suck up the smell, and turn that smell into electricity? That means all those smelly diapers that we cannot get into the garbage fast enough, actually turn our lights on! The two photos below show the giant vacuums…amazing.

With all the excitement of riding a bus, and seeing the site…we had a few little ones fading fast on the bus ride home…it was tough keeping those eyes open, and heads from bobbing, but all in all it was a good day at the dump!

Back at the House, we will head into Preschool where they too continued to talk Earth Day, and what it means to go Green…

The preschoolers are also seen with Madame S where they learnt their shapes this week during French.

French Shape up! Matching the name to the shape…en Francais! 

Speaking of Madame S, we will head up into the Toddler One classroom – last but not least – to learn that they were on the move this week – zooming in to have a look at all things that move.

They got their hands moving, as they painted the boats.


And they got their move on with Monkeynastix this week too!


The week moved on by, and now we will move into the weekend!
From us to you…Enjoy it 🙂

The Chartwell House.


Every day should be Earth Day. Let’s PLANET, and make it happen.

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It was two days before Earth Day, and all through the House, not a light switch was turned on, only flashlights shown bright. The heat was turned down as the sun took care, in hopes we’d do our part a little here and a little there. The children were excited, and kept to their classrooms. While the weekend, and visions of a healthier planet danced in their heads…

This week in the House, each classroom discussed Earth Day, and all things relating to taking care of our home, our school, our community, and our planet. From planting seeds, to recycling, composting, turning the water off as we brush our teeth, turning the lights off when we don’t need them on, all the little things that will add up to make big changes. The little steps we leave, can leave a much bigger footprint – it is our job as educators to teach the future on ways to create a healthier environment.

And this was the start…

We will start in the Preschool classroom where they focused on planting, gardening, seeds and green thumbs…actual green thumbs were present after painting egg cartons to create the leaves of a recycled tree.

When they weren’t turning green, they were zipping, zooming zebras and learning the sound of the letter “Z, ” for the letter of the week.


And then….they painted. They painted sticks using cotton swabs. They dipped balloons in paint and then rolled them over the paper. And then they painted their very own rainbow using clothespins and cotton balls.

We will go from Preschool into the Toddler district, starting with the youngest of the House in Toddler One. Where they braved the creepy, crawlies for the week, and talked and learnt all about BUGS!

They used their fine-motor skills to try and remove the spiders from their web manipulating the tongs.

They used the bug catcher to collect all the bugs…


And then they got up close and personal with the bugs, having a much closer look at just what they look like using the magnifiers.


And they too painted….using fly swatters!

No one was bothered, as all flies were shoo’d from Toddler One.

Let’s head to Toddler Two…

The Senior Todds were very focused as they learnt and practiced their pincer-grasp while tracing their names  – oh so very proud of their work!

And when outside…they talked business.

So this is Spring…


Look at that form! Just a little bit more to go…

From the Toddlers to the Seniors we go – where the eldest of the House worked on the three R’s – reusing the recycled newspaper to turn into beautiful recycled, Spring inspired art.

And each Kinder shared what they could do to help save Earth…

“Save the Earth it’s the only planet with pizza!” – the t-shirt. 


When we weren’t coming up with ways to save our planet, we were enjoying what it does offer….and that is our extra curricular programs and this week we welcomed Mr. McCoy and Karate, Meditating Munchkins with Ms. Laurel, Music with Ms. Rachelle, and French Fridays with Madame S.

With Earth Day on Sunday, we here at Chartwell decided to have our very own Earth Day inspired fun  with Flashlight Friday! We turned the lights off for the day, and lit our way with flashlights.

And because it’s Friday….turn the volume up on the next video and let’s celebrate our Planet, and the fact that it gives us Fridays! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend everybody! Don’t forget to love the earth just a little bit more this Sunday for Earth Day!

ATTENTION ALL READERS: Please be prepared to see a new segment of the blog where you will see some of the best lines from the children of Chartwell. The teachers will record the lines that made them laugh, question, and or just worth the share! When they say, “kid’s say the darnedest things…” they really mean it. Here are just a few from this week…

“Sometimes when I meditate, I lose control…”

“I didn’t have a good sleep because I watched too many Paw Patrols – Mommy let me watch one more even though I watched 100 before…”

“I am not a fan of the bath, but I really like Rock and Roll!”

“My baby’s name is Waterfall and she’s 26 and really big.” “My baby’s name is Unicorn and 24…”

Stay tuned to see what these children will come up with next…


April snow storms bring May…?

We hopped right through the Easter long weekend, and got right back into a short, but action packed week here at The House. With the children full of Easter chocolate, we were happy to see Monkeynastix, Karate, MamaRoot, and Yoga.

Started the week with a bang!

When we weren’t scaring off danger with Mr. McCoy, or stretching it out with Yay! Yoga! we were exploring the depths of our classrooms.

It may have looked a little more like winter out the windows, but Kinders kept Spring alive with their flower inspired paintings.

These TU-LIPS should be kissing winter goodbye! 

When the extra curricular programs visit Kinders it’s all about the gross-motor, but when they left, the oldest of the House got down to the fine motor business. They focused hard on how to hold a pencil properly when writing or tracing their names, they used their pincer grasp while manipulating the tongs to pick up the tiny pom-poms in the sensory bin, and they counted the bugs while doing a little addition at the Math station.

And just like Kinders, the Preschool classroom were all about adding more…to their learning. They built their tower adding more, they built their chain adding more…and they painted some more.

Then they learnt more and more words using the letters, A-P-R-I-L! april33

Speaking of April…the Toddler Twos stayed dry, even though they brought the showers…

But they were prepared with the boots…

The older toddlers were not along when they talked all about Spring, rain, flowers, and more – the youngest of the House also ignored the snow outside and kept the spirit of Spring going as they learnt a new responsibility….watering their classroom flowers!

They too were prepared for the rain drops, because these boots were made for…the wrong type of drops…but the imagination is there! Just don’t jump in any of the puddles!


When I first started writing it was a winter wonderland outside the office window, and now we will need a pair of rain boots as the snow has turned into rain…oh, Mother Nature.

Rain, rain, snow, snow, either or, away you go!

We end another short week, and head into the weekend – we hope you all enjoy it! As we are back next week to welcome Suzie, the Animals and M is for Music…we just don’t stop!

The Chartwell House.

No Yolk, Easter is HARE!

Warning: More than one Easter pun will be used through-out this blog post. I cannot help myself, they CRACK me up!

Which Easter Treat Are You? | Personality Quiz

With Easter around the corner, each classroom got into the spirit. Let’s hop into it…

The Toddler One classroom was all about the sensory play this week, keeping their hands busy scooping, cracking, and decorating eggs!

If they weren’t scooping eggs, they were all about the bunnies…

The Toddler Two classroom also got into the sensory bin…using their fine-motor skills to collect and scoop the eggs into their baskets. march263

They also got started on their green-thumbs, as they got their hands messy in the dirt planting and watering the Spring flowers. march265

When Easter is here, so are the eggs…

The egg-travganza continues in the Preschool classroom…

Where they too did some Spring gardening! Not only were they going green with their thumbs, but they were also using recycled jars to paint and turn into homes for the basil to grow…

Mother-nature is ahead of the game, and showing us April showers a little too early…with all the rain, came all the indoor play. Here is Preschool at play…

When they weren’t playing they were all ears…

And when it just kept raining, and raining, nothing beats a long afternoon indoors like a parachute party.


Speaking of party, the Seniors of The House, took the saying, “work hard, play harder” serious this week. Working hard in their work-books tracing their letters, tracing their names, and learning the sounds to each letter during Jolly Phonics.

And when it rains….they make playdough!

And when it continues to rain….they have an Easter Hunt, and Easter Egg races…

It’s not always the children who have all the fun – a challenge was brought up, who could stack the most bunnies….the winner…..Ms. HIllis. Well done Hillis!

And then it was back on the rabbit trail.

From all of the Senior Preschool classroom, and the rest of The House, to all of you, we wish you all a very Happy Easter!

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