Fall is Gourdgeous!

It was a short week here at The House, as we all enjoyed an extra day added to our weekend to spend with our loved ones. #Thankful. It may have been a short week, but there was a lot of action with Monkeynastix keeping our Toddlers in shape, Meditating Munchkins keeping the House calm, and ‘M is for Music,’ turning all of us into scarecrows.

First up this week, will be the Junior Preschool class where they made paintings using spray-bottles!

 They got into sensory play with the water-beads, and sand. Using their touch to feel the water-beads slide between their fingers as they moved them around in the zip-lock bag, and then made patterns in the sand perfecting their pincer-grasp.

And while working hard to put the pieces together, they were working on their number recognition which seemed to be as easy as 1,2,3.


From Junior Preschool, to Senior Preschool we will go! The Seniors of the House were busy learning all about Apples this week, as they prepped for the big field-trip to Chudleigh’s.

They worked on their letter recognition while tracing, “A is for Apple.”

They dabbed, and dipped with the apples to make apple prints all over the paper.

They continued to dab, as they dabbed the wine works to decorate their apple cut-out.

When they ran out of apples, they made more using their finger print, adding green and red apples to their apple tree.


Along with Apples, this time of year brings leaves! We went exploring to find leaves to trace over with crayons to see the print of the leave come out before our eyes!

We also collected a few pieces of our pine trees to have a closer look as we added them to water bottles, and then attempted to draw what we saw…

And a special thank you goes to Theo C as we used his Show and Share to explore the different types of leaves, and drew our own too!


From the Senior Preschool we will go into the Preschool classroom, where they kept the Fall theme going and painted their own pumpkins using cotton balls and clothespins.

They baked pumpkins pies…


They also used the measuring tape to find out just how big gourds can get.


And with each Preschool classroom complete, we will finish off with the Toddler classroom where they took advantage of the summer like weather outside – having a ton of fun with the parachute, and having a turn in Preschool’s sandbox.

And then they kept their hands busy with all things sensory… from decorating acorns with glue and cinnamon, to making playdough, to getting a feel of the water beads between their fingers.

The Toddlers also enjoyed creating different faces, and learning the different types of feelings and emotions with our Sheridan Student Ms. K. oct87

Speaking of emotions, excitement was the big emotion felt when our Senior Preschool and a few of our Preschool friends boarded the school bus to take a trip to Chudleigh’s Apple Farm this morning. That summer-like weather left us too early, and we were left having to bundle up for our apple-picking trip, but like the classic, “Let it Go,” the cold never bothered us anyway!

Here’s a look into our field trip to Chudleigh’s –  where we went on a tractor ride, picked our own apples, saw the animals, tasted apple cider, and picked a pumpkin too.

What a day at the Farm…


The short week as come to an end, and that means we have made it to the weekend!


The Chartwell House.


Gobble ’till you Wobble

We are just hours away from the long weekend, and we could not be more thankful for what it entails….pie, pie and more pie! We are thankful for Thanksgiving!

Before we wobble on out of here, let’s go ahead and have a look at what happened this week at The House. It was a busy one, with Suzie Sushine, Mr. McCoy and Karate, and Yoga visiting, and we also had Madame S start her French Fridays too!

This week we will start in the Senior Preschool classroom where they huffed, and they puffed, and they huffed some more to make a mountain of bubbles.

They worked on both their number and letter recognition…

As well as their pincer grasp when tracing their letters.

They worked their fine motor skills when painting with cotton swab to dab the letters, and dipping Lego pieces into paint to later create corn on the cob. They also worked those skills when manipulating the tongs to transfer the paperclips from one rock to the next!

And because Thanksgiving is around the corner, there were a lot of Turkey’s in the classroom…

See below to see the Wonder Board after a week’s worth of work captured.


We will continue with the Preschool classroom where it was all things Fall…

The Preschool class made Playdough together during their Cookery class this week!  Each child had a turn to mix, pour, and sprinkle the ingredients together, and got the chance to smell the sweet cinnamon that gave the Playdough that Fall-like scent.

They got very focused when it came to decorating their own pumpkins…

From Preschool’s focus to Toddler’s focus, we move up the stairs to have a look at what the youngest of The House got up too…they too took decorating very seriously.

They kept their hands busy in the Sensory bin, where it was all sand-play!


They used their problem-solving, and fine motor skills when it came to fitting and finding the right hole for each shape, and when they pushed together, or pulled apart the blocks.

We will end this week in the Junior Preschool classroom where they worked on a few self-help skills…like putting on their shoes….

Even though it may look like that baby doll’s leg is bent the wrong way, no babies were harmed during this practice. 

And preparing for when they have to open their own lunches…opening and closing the Tupperware.


They also kept calm while drawing in the sand…


And were all smiles while gathering all the animals from Old McDonald’s Farm.


The next two photos will need your imagination because all though it may look like an ordinary cardboard box, these boxes actually transformed into a bus, a rocket-ship, and a fire truck…and these two were just along for the ride.

That wraps up another week at The House.

From us to all of you, we wish you a very….

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The Chartwell House.

“Oh Autumn, I Fall for you more and more each year!”

With all things ‘Pumpkin Spice’ in the air, it is official, Fall is here!

The crisp mornings are making a come back, and I am quite happy with that! I may be the only one, but let’s LEAF that alone. That was a Fall pun. ACORNy one, but HAY! Let’s roll like the Five Little Pumpkins, and see what happened this week in The House.

We will start in the Senior Preschool classroom where they have been busy embracing the change in season, and working with all things Fall. From painting with the staple colours, patterning with leaves, diving in the water to scoop, pour, and collect Fall pieces, to…playing with dinosaurs in playdough.

They worked with the loose parts to continue their patterning skills…

And they stamped, raced, and they danced!

With many new faces in our Senior class, it’s nice to see how fast friendships form! A little game of ring around the rosie can bring joy to all!

Let’s leave them to rosie, and we will mosie on over to the Preschool classroom where they too fell into Fall. Collecting leaves, and sticks to add to their collection, and then using those leaves and sticks to make their very own art work.

The Preschool class has also been very in to celebrating birthdays, and so they partied in “the loft” and then they calmed in the sand…

They also worked on their fine-motor skills by ripping and tearing scrap paper to stick on to the window….more Fall art!

And very slowly, they walked the sidewalk in front of the House. What was not captured was how excited a few of them got when a large truck drove by! The excitement was off the charts for the truck lovers in the group! The Preschool teachers were quite impressed with their little scholars as they aced the nature walk!


The Preschool class also got their cookery on Friday afternoon when they contributed to National Pancake Day by making gluten-free ‘cakes! They helped their teachers mix, pour, and scoop the ingredients working together to make the most delicious, and fluffiest pancakes ever!


We will continue the tour, and head upstairs into the Toddler district – where Toddler One worked on their counting…counting the number of pine-cones they stole from the backyard!

 They also got their feels for all things sensory.

When the Toddlers play….they play! Outdoor fun!

We will end the tour in the Junior Preschool classroom where they too enjoyed all things Fall….painting leaves,and sponging pumpkins. And although not related to Fall, they had a blast colouring a cardboard box….you read that correctly! Do you know how many things a cardboard box can turn into?  Endless possibilities.

And when they weren’t creating, they were having a ball!

Before we ring in the weekend, there’s one last thing….we sang and banged on our drums all day with Ms. Rachelle during “M is for Music.’

Okay, now we can ring in the weekend!

The Chartwell House.

Last Day of Summer! Windy.

It’s the last day of summer, and all through the house, the children stay cool, because the only way we’d go outside was if there were a pool. The smell of cinnamon hangs in the air as Ms. Omaima bakes with care. Visions of pumpkins and apples dance in our head’s, …Fall is here!

Image result for welcome fall

The week was action-packed with Suzie Sunshine making her return to the House, Karate with Mr. McCoy, Yay! Yoga, and we also had a special guest program, Soccer Shots!

When we weren’t busy stretching, kicking, or singing we were busy exploring our classrooms. This week we will start in the Senior Preschool classroom where they worked on their letter recognition, and pincer-grasp, built towers and raced cars, and came together to make play-dough when it was just too hot to run outside.

 They worked on that hand-eye coordination and those fine-motors skills…

From the Coach House to the Main House, we will go from Senior Preschool to Preschool where they talked about plains, trains, and automobiles – all things relating to transportation!

And to keep things rolling, they zoomed through the paint with cars and made really fast art!

We will keep that pace and zoom upstairs into the Toddler classroom, where the little ones of the House got their hands into everything! It was all things sensory….

The Toddler’s really took to that ol’ saying, “work hard, play harder!” After they worked, they took to the ‘grounds and they played!

Last, but not least we will finish with our Junior Preschool, where they too enjoyed the Yoga. They talked all about Peace while finding their peace with Ms. Sara.

And they also worked with their hands – fine tuning those fine motor-skills…

And that’s a wrap! We are off to enjoy the weekend, and then we will be back to finish off September. Can you believe it? Stay tuned to see what happens next week at The House.

The Chartwell House.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

We’re back!

New start. New faces. New friends. Same blog.

I would like to send a warm WELCOME to all our new families, we hope you make this House your Home!

This may also be your first time exploring the blog, and so before I go on and on about what happened this week at the House, please….make yourself comfortable.

Feet up, and ready? Perfect.

We will start with the youngest of the House, up in the Toddler One classroom, where they were focused on their colours….red and yellow and pink and green
purple and orange and blue…

They also worked on those fine-motor skills when pulling, and placing the pipe-cleaners into the cardboard box. pipecleaner

And when they very carefully lined up the Dinosaurs one at a time.

Never too far from their favourite things, the basketball had to stay close by for this line-up. 

From the Toddlers, we will slide on over to the Junior Preschoolers where instead of seeing colours, they were seeing and singing all about Farm Animals.

On their farm they had…puzzles, sensory play, and a DIY barn build…

Along with exploring McDonald’s Farm, they explored the loose parts in the classroom too.

We will go from up the stairs, to down the stairs and into the Preschool classroom where these little ones explored ramps, bulldozers, and more! To you the following photos may look like we captured quite the mess, however, these photos capture the little one’s imagination working on over-drive, fine-motor and sorting skills, team-work, and concentration. Each child had a goal in mind, whether it be using the tongs to transfer one item to the next, or to use the bulldozer to remove all the rocks and then put them into the dump-truck for removal, they were on quite the mission.

And last but not least…let’s move into Senior Preschool classroom where they explored the all natural loose parts…

And worked on their letter recognition…and letter writing.

It may still be Summer, but the Pumpkin Spice latte is already in stores which means Fall is just around the corner, and with Fall comes apples and with apples…comes art masterpieces.

On top of the fun and learning in the classrooms, we had Monkeynastix, Meditating Munchkins, the Animals, and M is for Music visit the House this week, to make this week action packed!

With a busy week, we hope you all enjoy a nice and relaxing weekend!

The Chartwell House.

And just like that…summer comes to an end!


Community Helpers to end the summer!

Here’s a look at what happened this week at The House…

And the highlight of the week…


The week, as well as the summer, has come to the end. For those families who are leaving Chartwell to head off to “big school,” we wish you all the best, we will miss you here at The House. It has been quite the ride….here’s to the next adventure for all of you!

The summer has come to an end
We knew it wasn’t going to last
But, oh…we’ve had a blast!
Now it’s time for a fresh start
It’s sad that some of us may part
But from us to you
We will miss you
With all our heart!

The Chartwell House.


“We like to MOVE it MOVE it!”

Image result for movin and groovin week

We moved and grooved to the music, as we sang and danced our way through the week. From painting to the sounds of the music, to painting with bells, we turned the fun and volume up here at The House.

The Toddlers were not afraid to get messy when they blasted the tunes while using all limbs to paint a masterpiece.

After (Note: no clothes were harmed when having this much fun!) 

 “I feel it in my toes…”

The Toddlers also worked on their acoustics when decorating guitars, and music notes.

The Toddler Two joined the choir when they too decorated notes to stay in tune with the rest of the Toddlers.

And they got their sillies out!

“I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake”

The Preschool class marched to the beat of their own drum, or I should say, painted with their own bells…”oh what fun it is to paint…”

And…the classroom was decorated to rock!

And to continue, we will roll on to the Seniors of the House, where they turned the volume down just a tad to sit back and relax…aug201

But it was not long before the whole House was movin’ and groovin’ with Bumbling Bert as he woke up the neighbours with the classic tune “I’m a Gummy Bear,” and got the whole House up on their feet dancing, and running through A LOT of bubbles!

The weekend has arrived so…

…just DANCE!


The Chartwell House.