This place is a zoo! Or Farm…

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears….and cows? Oh my! This week was a mix of zoo and farm animals…

See the photos below:

Todder One: Building a big red farm…

Toddler Two: Hard work can be tiring!

Animal Fun with play-doh!

Fencing in the animals…


A few of the older children of the House escaped from the zoo, and went all through the town on a school bus to the local library – where they sang, danced, read stories, and explored the children’s area.

With a short week, comes a short blog, but the children enjoyed the action packed week!

Tomorrow is Friday, which means we are so close to the weekend!

We hope you enjoy it!

The Chartwell House

Come one, come all!

To the Chartwell House…


The circus came to town! For one week only, under the big top, for the very greatest, most spectacular circus show in the universe! From lions, to cotton candy, to the most incredible magic show there is, the children of the House enjoyed the wild, somewhat tamed, Circus week presented by Chartwell.

No clowning around, the house was a roar!

The Toddlers of the House…

The Toddlers made a splash on water day…

They splished, and splashed, and then they took it all in while drying off under the trees with their friends.

Toddler Two got creative during Circus week, making cotton candy, balloons, and popcorn treats.

Preschool worked on their balance walking the tightrope and mastered their fine motor skills when constructing their very own circus…

The Seniors of the House took Circus week very seriously….


When they weren’t JOKING around they put their pencil to paper, and drew the animals of the circus.

And the whole House was blown away by Bert and his magic show!

“How did he do that?” – All Staff

And now for more magic….Abracadabra….poof! The week is gone and the long weekend is here! Enjoy 🙂

The Chartwell House.

…Happy Campers Have S’more Fun!

- 4" x 5.50" with a depth of 1 3/4" - Can free-stand or hang for display. - Wood.

Fact! And it’s not all that bad when it’s right in your backyard!

Camp Chartwell was back this week at The House, where the campers were happy, and their fingers were sticky….thanks to the marshmallows we roasted by the bonfire. (Safety first: the bonfire was very much pretend, however, the marshmallows were very much real!).


All campers, youngest to the oldest, enjoyed singing, reading stories and having one major dance party as we all gathered around to enjoy Camp Chartwell’s bonfire!

[The week in photos at Camp Chartwell]

Toddler One: With sensory play & paint

Toddler Two: Camping Loose Parts

Marshmallows aren’t just for roasting…


Preschool: Where you can sit down to set up your very own camp ground.

The preschool got creative after collecting sticks not for the bonfire, but to paint and to fish with…

They colour sorted, worked on their letter and word recognition using camp-inspired words, and explored the campground after a rainfall where they used puddles to create art pieces.

Preschool was not alone when it came to creative art pieces, the Kinders joined in too…

The eldest of the House, also perfected their hand-eye coordination…look at that concentration!

Speaking of concentration, let’s turn our focus to the WEEKEND!

Because it’s here, and the sun is shining – enjoy it 🙂

The Chartwell House.

“let me root root root for the home team”


Image result for sports week

Chartwell’s Weekly Wrap-up…

That’s right sports fans the Chartwell’s week in Sports has come to an end, and what a week it was. We had Coach David visit who put our skills to the test, and Water Day where most of us ran through the sprinkler like Bolt, and handled the waters like Phelps! In the eye of the tiger, we are the CHAMPIONS… friend.

Now, let’s have a closer look and see what our little all-stars got up to this week…

The Toddlers of the House

They put the LOVE in tennis….(that’s a tennis joke….)

The Toddler Two class played the good’ ol hockey game and brought their Cracker Jacks when taken out to the ball game.


When Coach David came to the House, the toddlers put on their game faces!

And had a splash during Water Day.

The Preschool and Kinder classes jumped in on the wave, and they too had quite the splash during Water Day.

When they weren’t in the water, they were making playdough, and mastering their word, and letter recognition.

And just like that…Sports Week comes to an end!


We are the Champions!

From the Champs to you…Happy Friday!

The Chartwell House.

“It’s Summertime and the livin’ is easy!”

Teddy Bear Picnic Week
Image result for teddy bear picnic

This week at the House we invited along our favourite Teddy, or stuffie to join in on the fun as this week each class enjoyed a Teddy Bear Picnic under the trees…

“For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain
Because today’s the day the
Teddy Bears have their picnic…”

Not only did they join us for a picnic they also joined us in the classrooms…

They joined us outside…

And they joined us when we closed our eyes…


When the bears were hibernating the youngest of the House were working on the bear-necessities…stacking, and building with blocks.

And the Toddler Two’s painted egg-cartons that later turned into binoculars to help them while on their bear hunt.

The bears snored on…and so we enjoyed the summer sun while splish-splashing during Water Day…

 And just before the bears woke up again, Animal Ambassadors came to visit.


When the bears finally woke up from hibernation the week was over, and it was time for the weekend! Enjoy 🙂


The Chartwell House.

“When life gets rough I like to hold on to my dream of relaxing in the summer sun just lettin’ off steam!” – Olaf


It’s that time of year again…SUMMER! And we could not be more excited here at The House for what is to come….with the return of Bumbling Bert, Dan the Music Man, and more we cannot wait to celebrate summer with loads of fun!

Before I get a ahead of myself….let’s first look at what happened this week.

With Summer now in season, the Toddler Two class brought the heat that we felt outdoors indoors when they talked, learnt, and explored all things summer-related.

Painting with bright yellow paint and egg carton cut-outs to bring a little shine to the classroom – get your sunnies on, this art is blinding!


After using the egg-cartons, the children moved on and started to paint with string, and then bubble-wrap and rollies…

When the toddlers got to pick seeds for their classroom, the older group went straight for the Pumpkin seeds, and although it’s summer….we’re ready for Halloween as the children noticed something growing today! PUMPKINS!


Along with pumpkin seeds, the toddlers were inspired to attempt this experiment (found on Pinterest, the website every teacher loves) with seeds –  in a zip-lock bag they soaked paper-towel with water, added the seeds and taped it to the window….and now they wait to see what happens….


While the older toddlers wait for their seeds to grow, the youngest toddlers were ROARING away as they roamed the classroom like dinosaurs for the week. With dinosaur footprints to follow in the classroom, they made their way around exploring the creatures of the past.

From dinosaurs to bubbles, from bubbles to painting the toddler one class took advantage of the summer sunshine…

The Preschool and Senior Preschool classes also took advantage of the outdoors when it came to Yoga this week. Stretching it out on the front yard…

When indoors, the Preschool classroom have been lost in Space! They have been walking on the moon, traveling from planet to planet, and building their own rocketships. The classroom has Space inspired books to browse, SPACE words and letters to recognize and blocks wrapped in tinfoil to get the out of this world affect.

When they weren’t moon-walking, they found their marbles in the paint….

Now, I would usually move on to photos of the week from the Senior Preschool classroom, however, with their Graduation only days away, they have been working hard, and to keep things top-secret for their big day, we have banned the paparazzi from taking any photos this week. What I can share with is….it will be worth it!

 I can also share with you that it’s the WEEKEND! Enjoy it!

Happy Summer….bring on the heat!

13 days until SUMMER!

We were feeling HOT HOT HOT last week and then the temperature DROPPED DROPPED DROPPED this week and we were back to having jackets hanging from our hooks. We may have got a little ahead of ourselves when it came to scheduling the first Water Day of the year for the first week of June, but we will try try again on June 20th. Come prepared.

Speaking of prepared, we were prepared to have both Meditating Munchkins, M is for Music and French visit us this week. Ms. Laurel discussed all things Fairy related for Meditating, Ms. Rachelle sang songs about Caterpillars and Butterflies for M is For Music, and Madame S taught the children summer inspired words en Francais!

The youngest of the House continued on their train of learning their ABCs and 123s….

And then sat down together to discuss plans for next week.


The Toddler Two classroom continued their love for dinosaurs….

They stomped and roared just like them through the week, through the paint and through the block city.

From the dino’s to the BUGS…the Preschool class takes a much closer look at what is crawling all over our playground.

And they painted their own critters…

And we’ll crawl right along into the Kinder classroom…where they took their learning outdoors and went on a nature neighbourhood walk hand in hand.

They continued their learning and exploring outdoors as they baked cakes, cookies, and prepared chocolate ice cream too!

Speaking of icecream….let’s all scream for the weekend is here!

Stay turned to see just what those toddlers came up with for next week…

Enjoy your weekend!

The Chartwell House.