We’re feeling HOT HOT HOT!

With the temperatures reaching into the high 20s, and the humidity making it feel like an inferno outside, we have done our best to stay cool here at The House…without any complaints of course. We will take the sunshine, and welcome the heat as Summer is just days away! (Countdown: 5 days away to be exact!).

It’s almost here!

We had a busy week with Monkeynastix, Yoga, Mr. McCoy and Karate, Rockin’ Rattles, and French with Ms. S visiting us. With lots of shade in our yard, we took advantage and enjoyed the extra fun under the pines.

We may not have Rattles, but we were ROCKIN!


Suns out buns out!


Above photos: French with Ms. S – the Preschoolers gather in a circle to learn all about the weather en Francais! Not only are they learning about the weather, they have been practicing their days of the week and months of the year too. Don’t be shy, ask your little one to count to dix and see how they do! Do we all love the French Program with Ms. S?  – Oui do!

Before we welcome Summer, there is another day we must recognize, and one that is just around the corner too – Father’s Day! And since the Toddler Ones think their Daddy’s should be acknowledged more than just one day, they took the whole week to talk about FATHER’S! All about Dad was the focus. They talked about their Dads, they worked hard on a very special gift for their Dad, and they even grilled like their Dad too.

Decorating Dad’s OOTD (outfit of the day!)
Top Secret Project. This may be a hint…
Dad you may be the Grill Master but I’m HOT on your trail.

The Toddler Ones showed appreciation to their Dads this week, and as we move into the Toddler Two classroom they were showing appreciation to that place we call HOME. It was all about things around the house, and around the community this week for the older Toddlers. Talking all about what HOME means to them – from the actual home they live in to the surrounding area they may roam.  They talked about where they travel within their community – from sitting in the cart while grocery shopping, to choosing the classics from the shelves of the library. It’s the little things we do together that makes it all feel like HOME.

Above photos: The children play HOUSE with what resembles their HOME

A trip to the local Grocery Store.

To coming home and sorting the veggies and fruits.

Visiting your home town library.
Over the BRIDGE and around the BLOCK – to the bank we go.

Now, if you were to walk down the stairs in our House, you’d walked right into the Preschool classroom, where, and I hope I don’t BUG you when I say this, but where they were learning all about INSECTS!

Above photos: They got their hands messy as they made Bumble Bees, Lady Bugs, and Butterflies for creative.

Below photos: They looked at bug x-rays, they built their own replica of a bug with rocks, and they got a little bit closer to the bugs in the garden.

They rescued the insects one by one that were frozen in a giant ice-cube.

Letter recognition bug style.

There must of been a theme in the House because only steps away the Senior Preschool room was talking all about a caterpillar who was very, very hungry. They discussed the life cycle of a butterfly…

pillar1They worked on their number recognition while counting all the foods the hungry caterpillar ate, and also worked on patterns with the foods too…

They focused on their fine motor skills while threading a caterpillar together, using tongs to feed pom-poms to the ‘pillars and practicing with scissors too.

And they got creative – dipping a cup into paint to create the very, very, hungry caterpillar!pillar9

Now, let’s blow this cocoon and FLY into the weekend!

Before I sign off to go ride the heat wave, I would like to say, “Happy Father’s Day!” to all the Father’s out there – from us to you, CHEERS!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

-The Chartwell House.

It feels like Summer!

The countdown is on! 12 more days until SUMMER is here! We have been lucky to already feel that summer air, and with a heat-wave warning for the weekend we are more than ready to dive right into summer…or big giant pool!

Speaking of Sunshine, we started the week off with Suzie Sunshine helping us improve our movement and coordination as she sang and had us two-stepping! We have one more class with Suzie before we start on our summer activities. “There’s no sunshine when she’s gone…” But there will be lots and lots of fun activities planned until she’s back at The House in September.

Not only did Suzie visit this week, but so did a hedgehog, a snake named Cow, a bearded dragon and a chinchilla to name a few of the animals that joined Animal Ambassadors on their visit – which took place outdoors this time!

Along with Suzie, and the Animals we had a special guest appearance from Peter, Ms. S’ other half, who came to visit in the driveway with a big yellow school bus. From the Toddlers to the Seniors, we all got a chance to sit in the seats and sing the classic, “wheels on the bus!” We would like to send a special thank you out to Ms. S for organizing, and to Peter for bringing the big yellow school bus to The House.


Let’s go from the seats of the bus, to the seats in the classrooms, and have a seat while I tell you just what each class in The House got up to this week.

We will start in Toddler One, where the youngest of the group sat down with some Teddy Bears to have one giant picnic. They brought in their own favourite Teddy Bear to show their friends, and to have a picnic with. A Teddy Bear’s Picnic was had. They decorated a giant teddy bear with much smaller teddy bear stickers, they freed the gummy bears from ice cubes, they glued oats in bowls to make oatmeal for the bears, and they worked on their colour recognition as they matched the colours of the bears together.

Once trapped in ice, the gummy bears are now free!

From giant bears in T1 to itsy-bitsy spiders in the T2 – the older toddlers were learning all about BUGS this week, and looking at the different insects.

They worked hard on trying to find the perfect match.
They took a much closer look at the creepy-crawlers than I would!
Using their fine-motor skills they tried hard to avoid the web to get to the spiders.
Bug X-Rays!

If you crawled your way down to the Preschool classroom, you wouldn’t be free from the crawlers just yet, you’d run right into a very, very hungry caterpillar!


What does a very, hungry caterpillar eat you ask? See below.

“…but he was STILL hungry!”
Letter recognition with the ‘pillar.

Now, let’s make one last crawl over to the Senior Preschool classroom where they’ve been flying through the week like a BIRD! They’ve been pecking away at the topic of BIRDS, and continue to explore the world of the wings. Have a look with a bird’s eye view…

With lots of photos to be inspired, the Seniors put pencil to paper to have a go at drawing their own bird.


What came first – the egg or the chicken?


Making bird feeders with CHEERIOS!


Taking care of the classroom chick.

Before we fly into the weekend, let’s talk FRENCH with Ms. S. The children continue to learn about the weather, seasons and different temperatures – all while enjoying the SUMMER weather outside in the HOT temperature!




Speaking of HOT, it’s going to be a HOT, HOT, HOT weekend, so like us here at Chartwell, stay cool 😉


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

-The Chartwell House

“Hey JUNE, don’t let me down…”

June has arrived! The sun has been out, the weather has been warm, and the House has been busy. We had an action-packed week with Suzie Sunshine, Monkeynastix, Karate, Rockin’ Rattles, and Yoga stopping by to sing, dance, kick, jump, rock, and stretch with us.

Rockin’ Rattles singing the classics outside with the Toddlers.


The Toddlers are very balanced during Monkeynastix.


The Preschoolers stand in line for Yoga class.


The Senior Preschool class warming up in the front yard with Mr. McCoy for Karate.

The Seniors of the House have been hit with the summer vibes already – enjoying the sun, and outdoor space as much as possible. And with most of them knowing they are heading to “big school” in September, they are more than ready for the summer fun at Chartwell to begin.

They took advantage of the green space we have at the front of the House with Mr. McCoy this week during Karate. First they stretched it out, seen in the photo above, and then they were challenged to run through an obstacle course. Check this video out..




They also practiced their Kata (formal exercises).

When they weren’t outside, they were inside talking all about BIRDS. They made a list of all the different types of birds they could name, they drew their own birds, they traced over the letters spelling, “B is for Bird,” and they got to play with bird nests in the sensory bin too.


We soared through the week with the Senior Preschool class, now let’s move next door to the Preschool class where their days were numbered…as in they counted on each day, as in their focus for the week was NUMBERS. They shared their favourite numbers with their friends, they worked on their number recognition, they traced numbers, they counted, and they got their hands wet as they dove for numbers in the sensory bin during outdoor programming.

Count the dots to recognize the number.
Concentrating on tracing the numbers.
Bobbing for numbers…
How many legs do you see? What about arms?

The Seniors flew through the week, the Preschools counted on each day of the week, and the Toddler Twos picked their own theme of the week from the garden and talked all about FLOWERS. They learnt about gardening last week, and so this week they kept the children’s interest going as they stopped and smelt the roses.

Making their own flower arrangements.
Painting outside using the flowers.
Painting inside using plastic bottles, and toilet paper rolls to make their own flower outlines.
Working on our pincer grasp to trace the flowers.

In the above photos the Toddler Two class was working on a science experiment. They wanted to turn the white petals of the flowers different colours. And to do so, they added food colouring to the water, and waited to see the results. After a few days, the white petals started to change colour…it worked! Magic.

The sun was shining, and the weather was warm, and to cool off the Toddlers played with ice-cubes – not just any ice-cubes but cubes that had flowers stuck inside! See below.flowers6

While the Toddler Two class were feeling the cold temperature of the ice-cube, the Toddler One class was touching and feeling all kinds of different materials and they continued to focus on “touch and feel” sensory.

They painted using bubble wrap as their canvas, they played with sensory boards made by Ms. S, and they felt all kinds of material as they explored the outdoors: flower petals, pinecones, the turf, the tree bark….

Now, I have a feeling you know what is next…you’re getting warmer, warmer, nope never mind you are cold. I will give you a hint….BONJOUR! That’s right, before I sign off, let’s talk FRENCH. A new month, means a new topic. We learnt all about Pets in May, and now Ms. S is teaching The House all about weather, and the different temperatures.

Because it was “chaud extérieur” we had French Friday under the trees.

The weather is still on the warmer side as I am typing this, and so I will sign off to go enjoy the sun! I hope you all do too, before the rain makes it’s return.

Have a great weekend!

-The Chartwell House.


Short, but Sweet week

After enjoying a long weekend at the cottage with our feet up, it was back to the House early Tuesday morning for a short, but fun-filled week. It may have been a wet week, with all the rain and it may have kept us from enjoying the great outdoors, but it did not stop us from packing in all we could to keep your little ones educated, and well entertained. The Toddlers had Monkeynastix to get their little heart-rates going, Preschool played and learnt about a different sport each day, and the oldest of the House dance, sang, and moved and grooved to shake all their sillies out. And to end the week, we all got to spend the day in our JAMMIES!

There’s not much that FEELS better than waking up, and getting to go straight to work, or school in your PJ’s! Especially when it’s actually Pajama Day!

Speaking of feelings…the Toddler One classroom got to feel a lot of different items as they focused on texture this week. From soft, to rough, to slimy, to sticky they got a feel for different textures as they got their hands into everything.

Above: Sensory boards made to feel different textures of material.

They squished J-E-L-L-O, let mud slide between their fingers, painted with Pudding, and even popped bubble wrap outside using the wheels of the cars, or the bottom of their shoes as they drove and stomp on the wrap taped to the ground.

Spa Day in T1
Panting with Pudding outside!

The Toddlers started just walking along the bubble wrap that was taped to the ground outside, until one of them drove over the wrap in a car, and then they all had to try as the sound of the bubbles popping was a blast!

Snap, crackle, POP!

Getting away with wearing your jammies to work is a good feeling, but another good feeling is when Spring is in the air, and gardens are starting to bloom. And that is just want happened in Toddler Two this week, as they learnt all about gardens, and how they grow.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary’s answer – !. Soak the seeds. 2. Exposed the seeds. 3. Plant the seeds. 4. Water the seeds. 5. Let the sun shine!


Practicing their gardening skills in the sensory bin.


Not only did they learn about gardens – they painted with flowers, and they made beautiful flower arrangements too.


When they weren’t in the garden, they were also learning all about patterns, and working on their name recognition, trying to find the letters needed to spell their names.


Speaking of gardens, have you been to Maple Leaf Gardens? That old historic building where the Leafs use to play? You know, that good ol’ hockey game? Well now that we’re on the topic, let’s stay there and head to Preschool where they talked all about (summer) SPORTS!


Not only did Preschool have PJ Day, they also had Blue Jay Day where they sported their best Jay’s gear. See below…

They were dressed and ready to be taken out to the ball game!


Each day their was a new sport to learn, and conquer and a creative to create too!

Thumb print baseballs.

Table tennis anyone?

If you haven’t been to Maple Leaf Gardens, that’s okay we’ll just take you back to the garden, as the Senior Preschool classroom joins Toddler Two in talking all about GARDENS.


Learning and practicing how to plant the seeds in the sensory bin.

They worked their green thumb, but also used a few other fingers as they practiced using their pincer grasp to trace garden related words.



They also used their imagination to design their own gardens..garden6When the rain held off, the Seniors took advantage and took their programming outdoors. Reading, and painting…


Now, before we paint the town red because it’s FRIDAY, let me show you about what Ms. S did for French this week – A pet matching game! See below.

The children continued to learn their pets in French – chat, chien, lapin, torture, and poisson and were challenged this week to see if they could remember not only the names, but to see if they could match the correct item to the correct pet (using only the names of the pets in French of course!).

Along with pet names, they count to dix, and sing the days of the week – and today, well today is Vendredi, and that means we are heading into the weekend! Au revoir!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

– Thc Chartwell House

SUN SUN Mr. Golden SUN

We could not have asked for better Spring weather this week at The House. The sun was shining, the sunscreen was out, and we all took advantage of our beautiful outdoor space. We brought our programming outside, we had snack outside, and we even sang our hearts out during Rockin’ Rattles outside.

Pictured above is Senior Preschool and Preschool rocking out under the trees with our Rockin’ Rattles visit. Also pictured are the toddlers getting a chance to strum the guitar as they too enjoyed the fun in the sun.

Nothing better than chilling out on a Muskoka chair in the hot sun with your friend beside you! Toddler Two took advantage and enjoyed their first picnic of the year, having their snack in the yard. And to add a little more colour to the House you will notice painted tires, planters, and a few rocks decorated by the Seniors of the House scattered in the gardens.

Speaking of the Seniors, let’s start with their room this week, where they have been discussing, and learning all things to do with gardening. The flowers have finally bloomed, and the weather is finally cooperating to get a start on our gardens. Stay tuned!

The Senior Preschool classroom worked on their fine motor skills as they practiced their pincer grasp holding a paintbrush to paint their own beautiful flower, they carefully used the scissors to cut out plants organizing them smallest to tallest, and then with lots of concentration they scooped and planted the flowers in the sensory bin.

The Seniors were also busy exploring the outdoors, and having a closer look at the gardens around the neighbourhood as they went on a nature walk. Look at those colours in the photo below…

“The ants go marching two by two…”

Not only did they venture through the neighbourhood, the Seniors of the House went on an adventure to the Halton Waste Management Site. The most exciting part – the big school bus!

Hands up if you recycle!

We stayed on the bus, as Nicole our tour guide jumped on and gave us a tour of the site. With songs to sing, and lessons on recycling, composting, and garbage disposal we learnt a lot as we drove along the roads made out of recycled tires, concrete and possibly even some of our old diapers!

That’s a lot of waste in the yard. That’s yard waste.
Here we are in the middle of the landfill and although it may look like it would smell like a landfill, there were very large vacuums that sucked up the stink to turn into electricity! How? That’s a question for Bill Nye. However, I can say it did not smell, and I did not see one seagull in the sky.

The Senior Preschoolers were not alone when they were learning all about recycling, and how to make the Earth a cleaner place – the Preschool classroom were also talking all about the Environment, and ways we can help.

Working on our letter recognition here on Earth.
Learning what goes in which bin. Don’t be shy to ask them for help on recycling day at home, they’ll go green with you.

They too practiced how to use scissors properly as they cut the newspaper, and then recycled the clippings once they were finished.

Quick story time (Warning: do not try this at home) When I was little, my older brother put me out by the curb beside the recycling bin, thinking just maybe they would take me away too. He learnt that day that we humans are not recyclable.

Oh family…

That story leads me perfectly from recycling to family…which is exactly what Toddler Two was focusing this week – Family and Me (no no, not me personally, but them, all about themselves).

In the above photos the toddlers are practicing how to dress – which item goes where? In the photos below, they discovered how tall they are, and painted their family using only their fingers.

They also took their programming outside…

They used the sidewalk chalk to outline their bodies and then getting to see just how tall they look from a bird’s eye view.


They also worked on their letter recognition, stepping on the first letter of their name.

Now, let’s take a few steps next door and learn what the youngest group of the House was focused on this week. The Toddler Ones had a very busy room this week, but that did not stop them on taking their programming outdoors, where they worked on opposites. They talked cars – fast vs slow, big vs small. They learnt other opposites like – night and day, up and down, backwards and forwards, and left and right.

Let’s get right into French with Ms. S. This month they are focusing on PETS.
Here’s what they’ve been working on:


Cat = Chat. Bunny = Lapin. Fish = Poisson. Dog = Chien. Turtle = Tortue.


Find the Tortue! Found it.


Along with learning the different pets, they continue to practice their days of the week, months of the year and counting to dix.

Now, you can now count on me allowing you to enjoy your ‘opposite of short’ weekend, I have kept you long enough.

From me to you – Whether at the cottage, or at home, I hope you all have a great weekend!

  • The Chartwell House.


This one goes out to…

All the Mother’s out there! For all you do, we thank you!


Before the Mom’s get to kick their feet up for their special day, let me tell all of you what happened this week at The House. We had Suzie Sunshine to start the week off, and then we closed the week with the animals visiting. Suzie sang to us, she helped with our pitch, and Do-Re-Mi’s, and then Animal Ambassadors brought in some very soft, very cuddly pythons for us to enjoy!

That is a 6 foot python…I was not kidding.

When the Animals were packed away, and Suzie ended her stay we were in our classrooms talking all about MOM’s this week. And Bugs…Moms and Bugs.

We will start in the Toddler district, where both classes came up with reasons why they love their Mommies…see below to find out why your little one loves you.

Toddler One
Toddler Two.

When they weren’t learning all about Mommies, they were getting their hands messy making something special for them.  All week, the teachers and the children were working together to make the perfect gift. Here’s an inside peak…

“When you sip your coffee, or have your cup of tea, you will now think of only me!”

The Toddlers were not alone when it came to focusing on their Mommies this week – the Preschool class joined them talking, and learning all things MOM related.

That spells M-O-M! Or is it W-O-W?
Mother May Odin Make Muffins Monday in October with Olivia? Words that start with the letter…

We all know we love our Moms, and that does not stop once you get to Senior Preschool, however, the love for BUGS is also big as the Seniors of the House took on another week learning all about the creepy crawlers.

 They practiced holding scissors and using them properly to cut out the different  pictures. They had to look at the picture, and decide whether it was of an insect or not, and then using the glue stick place the picture into the right column.

Is that a bird, a bee or a…decisions!

They also practiced their pincer grasps as they looked at the pictures of the different insects and bugs beside them giving them inspiration to draw their very own picture.

What CHAMPS these Senior Preschoolers are at drawing.

Not only did they draw different insects, they moulded them too. Using playdough to create a table full of worms, ants, spiders and more. bugscont2

With all the bugs crawling inside, we were lucky to finally get to spend time outdoors as the rain finally stopped. It may have felt a little more like Fall this week, but that did not stop us from enjoying the crisp rides on the bikes, the chalk on the sidewalk, and soccer against Ms. Melo – we even got creative with the scooters.

On your mark…

Now, let’s scoot into the weekend.
We would like to wish all of the Mommies out there a very Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at The House. Enjoy YOUR day.

-The Chartwell House







May Rain Brings June Blooms?

They say April showers are suppose to bring May flowers, but when the rain just doesn’t stop…we sit back and wait for the flowers to bloom in June.

It was a very wet, very “inside” type week here at The House. With the rain just raining on we tried to keep the children as busy as we could with lots going on inside. We had the Toddlers busy on exercise bikes, and treadmills during Monkeynastix, Mr. McCoy had the older children work up a sweat with their Karate moves, we sang our little hearts out with Rockin’ Rattles, we got our Francais on with Ms. S, and we all took a deep breath to end the week with Yoga.

With the rain, and the warmer weather we have noticed the BUGS are back! When the sun was shining, if we can remember since it’s been a while, we spotted bumble bees, butterflies, and those little black bugs that seem to take over at this time of year. We have seen worms, spiders, and ants…oh my! The Seniors of the House felt like it was time to take a closer look at the BUGS that we see, hear about, and sometimes even feel.

Eye spy with my magnify glass…

From catching, pinching, and reading all about them, they may just know enough to BUG all of you with their critter knowledge.

Some of you may agree with me that those spiders you find in the corners of your home are not your idea of a house pet, but they seem to make their way in and enjoy the stay anyway. Those spiders along with flies, bees, and centipedes are not the ideal pet, but if you were to walk into the Preschool classroom you would find photos on the mantle, and walls with our real idea of house pets!

Our pets say CHEESE!

The Preschool class shared their photos of their fury family members, while learning all about what types of pets people may have sharing their home – from puppies, to turtles, to birds, to kittens, to snakes – pets may vary, but the love we have for them is all the same.

We worked on our numbers using the fish, and we practiced our letter recognition as we learnt the letters that spell out the word…P-E-T-S!

We will jet from pets, and take a walk up the stairs into Toddler Two where they are learning all about Outer Space – a place where the Jetsons lived with their family pet, Astro!

They made rocket ships using the letters of their name, they explored the planets as they dug each one out of the moon-dust in the sensory bin, and they looked at all the stars as they flew through outer space in their space ship!

They kept their hands busy as they created the night sky using cookie cutters, tin foil, and yellow paint. They dabbed the cookie cutter into the yellow paint to create the stars, and then moulded the tin foil around a circle cut-out to mimic the moon. See below…

I may not have PLANET, however, the Toddler One teachers did! This week the Toddler One class focused on sorting colours. They worked on their colour recognition, and then challenged themselves to sort the colours into proper piles. They grouped the matching coloured pom-poms and then found the right coloured pipe to pop those pom-poms down. Say that five times fast!

Although it’s been so GREY outside, we can look on the bright side…the weekend is here! It may be a wet weekend as well, but you can enjoy the inside SPACE with you, your little and your PET(s), hopefully they don’t BUG you too much! 😉


-The Chartwell House