Went fishing. But we are back!

I apologize for the hiatus, but with Summer coming to an end, yours truly took advantage and enjoyed a few days off to soak up the rays!

Now back to our regular scheduled programming…

We had a picnic with our Teddy bears the first week of August, and then we read and discovered all the classics from Eric Carle the second week, which brings us to this week where we talked all about…rain

the (drum roll please!)………………………………………………………………………….RAIN FOREST!

It’s time to take you through the House, and see the adventures the children got up to this week while exploring deep into the rain forest. We will start up the stairs in the Toddler One room…

Colouring their slimy soon to be snakes!
Using cotton swabs to paint lizards. Did you think you’d EAR that before?
Lizards, Snakes and Toucans…oh my! Those Toucans were made with our footprints so they should be called TOE-cans right? 

Above photo: The final product. 

As we venture into the room next door, we head into the Toddler Two part of the forest.

Rain forest in a bin. 
Have you been to a rain forest before? It’s such a zoo. 
Snakes on a table. 
The Toddlers putting the rain in rain forest. 

From Toddlers to Preschool we go. And as you neared the Preschool doors you would have heard the Animal Boogie coming from the speakers….


“Down in the jungle in the midday heat,
What can you see stomping it’s feet?
With a stompy stomp here and a stompy stomp there,
What’s the creature stomping it’s feet?”

If you want to hear it live, Ms. Shannon is more than willing to boogie!

Let’s see what the Preschoolers were up to…

Above photos: Focused on making frogs, and all hands were on deck to make Toucans.


Hands and feet to make Toucans, glue and patience to make frogs, and a loooooong time to complete the snakes. But it’s complete.


Work hard. Play harder.

Let’s leave these animals, and check in on the Seniors of the House.

You say Rain Forest, we say…Giraffe!


Above photos: All things rain forest when it came to sensory play.


Rolling and painting with bubble wrap.


Stompy stomp here. Stompy stomp there.

Where in the world are the rain forests?

After venturing through the rain forest, there’s nothing better than having a picnic with your friends…

And to stretch out the week, we ended with our Jungle Yoga. A special thank you goes out to Ms. Rogers for being the Yogi of the House.



The House this week may have been a zoo, or jungle, or rain forest, but stay turned because….”duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun…” next week will be a splash!

Have a wonderful weekend!

  • The Chartwell House

This week we were on FIRE!

Last week we dove into Pond Life, and this week we lit on fire with all things CAMPING!

Caution: HOT.

It was an action packed week here at The House – we had a Yoga retreat, Camp Fire Songs with Ms. Melo, and to end the week we had Bert the Magician come in and show us his tricks.

We pretended we were at the beach while on the Yoga retreat – listening to sea shells, diving into the water, sitting in the sand, and riding the waves. Then after the beach, we put on our plaid and sat around the fire to listen to Ms. Melo sing the classic camp fire songs. A special THANK YOU goes out to Ms. Melo 🙂

Camp Chartwell 2017

Then came Bert with his Magic Show. Not only did he show his tricks, but he had the whole House in tears with his jokes too…including the teachers!

When we weren’t stretching, singing or watching magic happen, we were indoors working on all things camping.

We will start upstairs to see what the Toddlers of the House got up to during Camp Week…

They made handprint bon-fires. binoculars, and they roasted marshmallows!

They used the outdoors as their canvas.

We go from the Toddler district downstairs into the Preschool camp ground and we see…

The Preschoolers working on their letter and number recognition camp style.

Roasting, and gluing marshmallows.

Even painting with the ‘mallows. 

The Seniors of the House continued to keep the fire burning, and marshmallows roasting…see below just what they got up to.


They camped out…


Under the stairs…

By the fire.

They also took their snack outside, risking the chance to meet a bear…


BEAR? Oh my. DUCK! 

We are sad to leave Camp Chartwell, but the fun is not over! Next week we invite all of our Teddy’s to The House for a picnic as we move into TEDDY BEARS PICNIC week!

The fire may be out, but the weekend is just in. Enjoy 🙂

  • The Chartwell House



Dive in! It’s POND WEEK!

With the temperatures reaching INFERNO-like highs, we stayed cool by talking and learning all about ‘Pond Life.’ From frogs, turtles, ducks, to fish that shine gold, we covered them all this week here at The House.

To get the week started, and to get some knowledge on all things Ponds, the Preschool and Seniors went on a nature walk to the local watering hole…the POND!

And after a long journey through the woods, they joined the Toddlers and cooled off for WATER DAY!

Let’s JUMP in!

Above: The Toddlers of the House enjoying the Sprinkler, and all the puddles!

Below: Would have been photos of the Preschool and Senior Preschoolers having way too much fun in the Sprinkler, giving bike washes, painting the fence, and fishing, however, that was just it, we were all having way too much fun to snap photos! And so, let’s slide along, and dive into see what happened during Pond Week in the classrooms.

We will start upstairs in the Toddler district…

The Toddler One class got their hands messy when making frog handprints, and while dipping their fingers in yellow paint to make fireflies. And there’s nothing better than a drive-though pond…

Let’s leap frog over into Toddler Two where they have been busy talking about what living things can be found in water, and how important water is for all of us – which they continued to explore with Pond Life.

 Seen above is the artists at work, painting lily-pads, and flowers.

From Toddlers to Preschool, we can flow like a water fall down the stairs and into the Preschool room to find them working on…

…counting the frogs while working on our number recognition, spelling and sounding out P-O-N-D-L-I-F-E to help with our letter recognition, and the best part…bobbing for ducks. Maybe not bobbing because of the whole germ factor, but working with our fine motor skills while scooping up the ducks one at a time with a net. No ugly ducklings there, they all shine!

Now, let’s cross the pond (or parking lot, same same) and into the Senior Preschool classroom where you will find the elders of the House learning all about the life cycle of a frog, practicing their pincer-grasp while tracing the different pond-life words, working on their letter recognition with a matching game, feeding the hungry, hungry green frog, and getting their hands wet playing in their very own pond.

When we stepped out of the Pond Life, we were outside playing in the new sand, and helping plant and water our gardens.

We were also suppose to have a Picnic lunch outdoors to end the week, but when the heat turned up, we turned our classrooms into picnic areas instead.

We also welcomed, “Dan the Music Man,” to the House. Dan sang, played guitar, and brought two bubble machines that sent hundreds of bubbles into the air while we all danced along….including your teachers!

Now, if you thought the children were having fun…you were right! But the teachers of Chartwell….well, let’s have a look…

And on those notes…we will end into the weekend! 🙂

Enjoy yours!

-The Chartwell House





“Science Rules,” said Bill Nye.


I only tell Science jokes…periodically.

We went from Movin’ & Groovin,’ as a house last week to learning all about Science this week. Each class observed as the teachers became Scientists without lab coats, and took on different experiments each day. With baking soda and the smell of vinegar in the air, we’ll end this week with a BANG! Although, I may be, ‘over-reacting.’ (Get it? Like, an overreaction hypothesis….like I said, periodically).

We had Safari Science visit us where we had a Scientist come in and show us some very cool experiments. His first stop was for the Toddlers…

All eyes were on the smoke coming off the beakers, and then…we got a chance to feel the reaction. See the brave toddlers below…

After the Toddlers, Rob the Science Guy, moved his lab to the Preschool room, where both the Seniors and Preschool groups got together to watch in amazement.

When Rob the Science Guy left, it was our Chartwell teachers who picked up where Rob left off.

The Toddlers used markers to colour coffee filters, and then sprayed the filters with water to see what would happen…

I’m guessing your hypothesis was not…

Lion heads!

The Toddlers watched as the bubbles formed as they added drops of vinegar to the baking soda.

And then before their eyes, they watched as very small water beads grew bigger and bigger as they soaked up the water in the sensory bin…

Slimy water bead fun!

Down the stairs in Preschool they mixed these ingredients seen below and watched as the bubbles started to pour over the top of the cup!


Then the teachers disguised as Scientists asked the children about different items around the classroom and if they thought the item would sink to the bottom of the bin, or float on top of the water.

Will the train sink, or will it float? The suspense! What do you ch-ch-choose?

What’s better than a gummy bear? A giant gummy bear! The Preschoolers held back from eating the ingredients as they dropped the same coloured gummy bears into a cup full of water. Not only were they waiting to see if the water would change colour to match the colour of the gummy bears inside, but they also wanted to know if the gummy bears would saturate in the water and get big ol’ gummy tummies.

The bears divided into colours.
Bears are placed, and now we wait…

The results: The water did not change colour, instead the bears were so thirsty they soaked up all the water and grew, and grew into giant gummy bears, giant, slimy gummy bears.

The Senior Preschool teachers, Ms. Melo and Ms. Hillis, handed over their lab coats to the Seniors to let them control their own experiments…

Above photo: The popular choice of mixing vinegar into baking soda and food colouring.

Below photo: Making paint ice-cubes. Using the droppers to transfer the paint and water into the ice- cube tray, and then putting it in the freezer before painting with the ice the following day.

They learnt all about magnets.
And they took a closer look to sort the colours.

When we took our lab coats off, you’d be surprised to know we are also a house full of gardeners. We added a few different vegetables to our garden in the preschool yard. We are now responsible for the growth of: green beans, peppers, broccoli, pumpkins, and more.

Yes, we can handle it! Just like we can all handle the truth about the weekend being so close! Our Science week is coming to an end, and the start to our ‘POND LIFE’ week is just around the corner. Now, let’s dive into the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

-The Chartwell House.


We like to…MOVE IT!

It was a short week here at The House, but that did not stop us from packing in a whole lot of fun! We moved, and we most definitely grooved! As this week was all about shaking our tail feathers to the beat of our own drum…guitar, tambourine, shaker, frying pan, spoon and anything else we could create a beat with.

Before we travel through the week to see where the music took us – I would like to show you the newest addition to our Preschool yard…(don’t worry Toddler parents, yours is currently under construction, stay tuned).

THE MUSIC WALL! A BIG thank you goes out to our friends at CS Contractors, and a BIG apology goes out to our neighbours.
First they were unsure, and then they went out with a BANG!

From hitting the music wall, to hitting the dance floor we did not miss a beat! We welcomed Bert, who played DJ and brought a bubble machine, which was a bigger hit than that “Call Me Maybe,” song that I know we all had stuck in our head at one point. Also, I am still not sure who had more fun –  the children or the teachers…especially when Justin hit the speakers!

Bert played the hits from The Lego Movie, to Moana, to of course, the Biebs himself (Justin Bieber).

Not only did we have a dance party this week, but we all cooled off on WATER DAY!

Now, that we have beat the music wall and heat, let’s go indoors and have a look at what happened around the House for Movin’ and Groovin’ week.

We made and decorated our own instruments…

We were inspired by the movie, “Big…”

And we participated in a classic game of, musical chairs…


Before the beat drops…

The week may be over, but let’s DANCE into the weekend! Put your favourite song on, and have your very own dance party – it’s summer! That is something to celebrate!

And because it is summer our programming has changed, which means you will also see a change in the blog. Each week will be a different theme, but we will all be focusing on that same theme and so the blog will be what the whole school did, instead of being broken down into what each class did. This week was Movin’ and Groovin,’ and next week we put our goggles and lab coat on as we head into Safari Week!

Activities scheduled for this week:
–  Safari Science coming in for 10am on Tuesday July 11
–   Rockin’ Rattles stopping by on Wednesday July 12

Now, on to the weekend…MUSIC to my ears.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

-The Chartwell House




Happy Canada D’Eh!

It’s the day before The True North turns 150! Our home and native land is growing up so fast – it has been through a lot, yet continues to rise. From far and wide, we want to join the 36,623,581 Canadians and say…untitled

Here’s to you Canada! We are proud.
We will keep the party going, as the older ones of the House celebrated Canada for the week.

These ones have yet to be puzzled, they’re putting all the pieces together.

Here’s the scoop on being Canadian…


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Colouring Canadian Money.
Tracing our answers to why we love Canada!

Not that the Preschool class doesn’t DIG Canada or anything, but they were busy digging, bull-dozing, and learning all about construction this week.

They worked on both their letter and number recognition…


And they moved, dumped, shoveled, scooped, and bull-dozed kernels in the sensory bin…


The Preschoolers were more about demolishing things where the Toddler Twos were more about building things. This week, T2 continued their interest in buildings, towers and skyscrapers.


Building the different Skyscrapers from around the world.
Where we come up with all of our bright ideas…

What happens after you’ve put in a hard days work building towers, and constructing skyscrapers…

The Toddler Twos were too busy building to BUG anyone else, but the Toddler One class were all about BUGS this week as they continued to explore the different creepy-crawlers that are out there.

It’s a bug’s life and we’re just colouring it.

We all had a busy week here, finishing up our usual programming and preparing for the Summer fun and we all cannot wait for the long weekend to arrive, but before we go celebrate Canada, there is one last thing I must mention…

The Senior Preschool classroom not only celebrated Canada’s Birthday, but they partied and celebrated for their Graduation – for we have started to say goodbye to some of our Seniors! Although, it is sad to see them go, and hard to say goodbye, we know they are all more than ready for “big-school!” I mean, look at them…

All Smiles in their new tees.
They did it!

“As we go on we remember all the times we had together and as our lives change come whatever we will still be friends forever…” (Graduation Song – Vitamin C) From all of us here at the House we want to wish all of our Grads the best of luck! 🙂
Spread those wings, it’s time to fly!

  • The Chartwell House




Drum roll please…

The wait is over…summer

We did it everyone, we got through the long winter, beat the blues, and managed the rain to get to where we are now…SUMMER! Bring on the sunshine, and the heat and let the FUN…continue.

It may be summer, but we were just as busy this week at the House…although we do make multi-tasking look easy. See below.

Phone to ear, hands to keys.

When we weren’t responding to the calls and emails, we were busy in our classrooms, taking advantage of the sunshine, or keeping dry from the rain. We had Suzie Sunshine visit us earlier this week, and finally got to have a class outside in the front yard.

The Preschool and Senior Preschoolers went on a fairy hunt around the school and up the street with our Meditating Munchkins visit on Wednesday.

That was our last Meditating Munchkins session until the Fall, and to celebrate our completion we received our diplomas!


Speaking of diplomas, we also gained our “Certificat de Merite” from Madame S to acknowledge our Français fin.


From hunting fairies, to singing our hearts out with Suzie, to improving our second language to banging on our drums because we “don’t want to work…we just want to sit in the shade and listen to Ms. Melo’s vocals and bang on our drums all day…”


But when the music stopped, the Seniors of the House went back inside to continue their learning about caterpillars and big beautiful butterflies.

Munching through a green leaf with scissors…but they were still hungry.
Painting their hands green to create the very hungry caterpillar.
Tracing the number of the items the hungry pillar’ ate.

The youngest of the House followed in the 16 footprints of the caterpillars in Senior Preschool and joined in on the bug discussion. They were able to create their very own recycled items board to display their bug-themed creation. And we could not have done it without your help, and so we thank you to those who brought in egg cartons and napkins!

The ladies of Chartwell.
They explored the great outdoors to see if they could catch their own creepy-crawlers.
From catching them to colouring them…BUGS BUGS BUGS!

They even had a puppet show inspired by the classic, “It’s a Bug’s Life.”

The main actors.

Now, if you were to walk next door into the Toddler Two classroom you wouldn’t have been able to BUG them if you tried – they were too busy building, bulldozing, and yelling, “TIMBER!!” to be bothered at all. Ms. Marnery, and Ms. Kelloway set up the classroom for the children to explore on their own and the next few photos are what happened next…

They were maneuvering rocks with bulldozers and dump trucks.

They traced the helicopter, and then asked Ms. Marney to make them paper-airplanes. This is when they took flight…airplanes were soaring everywhere! They even flew over some of the skyscrapers we built before we acted like tornadoes and knocked them down.

“We started from the bottom, now we’re here”


“It’s going down, we’re yelling TIMBER!”

If you make like that tower did in the above photo and go down-down-down…the stairs you would find yourself surrounded by a whole lot of the colour, PINK!

“It was a rainy day, too wet to go outside. Ms. Rogers said, “let’s make cupcakes! What colour do you want?” “Pink,” I said. “Pink, pink,pink!” And so, the Preschool class made pink cupcakes, and the week was inspired by the “Pinkalicious,” children’s book by, Victoria and Elizabeth Kann.


Think pink…


Pink on pink on blue.


The Preschoolers watch on as Ms. Rogers makes Pink J-E-L-L-O for sensory play.


I dare you to go first…

And then it happened…they made PINK cupcakes!

Helping Ms. Rogers mix the ingredients together.


That look says it all.

And that look is the same look that is on my face as I look outside to see the rain has stopped and the sun is out, and the weekend is here! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  • The Chartwell House