Life is GOURD!

It’s that time of year again, when the children know the night of getting way too much candy is upon them. Yes, Halloween is still 11 days away, but here at The House the classrooms have been decorated to give all a fright, don’t be scared though, we are not suppose to bite. Skeletons, Frankenstein, witches and pumpkins hang from the ceiling, take over the walls, and cover the windows…this is Halloween, this is Halloween.

Before                                                                                 After

I told you we decorated. We may have gone over hill 😉

Now that you have seen the outside of the House, let’s move on to see the GUTS of the House…

You have seen the guts, let’s move on to see what the children of the House were up to…

We will start in the Kinder classroom, where they continued the Halloween theme by counting and working on number recognition while counting pumpkins, and using their fine-motor skills at the writing table when they stamped and stickered the paper using, “the spookiest Halloween stamps and stickers I have ever seen!”

They used the playdough to create scary-faces, they read and looked through Halloween and Autumn themed books, and crunched the leaves in the sensory bin using the dinosaur’s feet.

When they weren’t exploring or talking about Autumn or Halloween they were having a closer look into each other’s eyes. They have been interested in the colours of their friend’s eyes, and noticing we all have different coloured eyes. We will have to wait and SEE where this interest may take them…

We’ll move from Kinders, into the Preschool classroom where they threw us back into the good ol’ days of CDs – they used these loose parts, and created what they called, “a vortex of lava!” I am not sure what this entails, but it looks like this….see below.

They also focused on Halloween – decorating, creating and singing all things related to the spooky day.


Sorry to scare you mid-blog! But I wanted to warn you the next photos may be haunting…

After ghosting, they put their hands together to create spiders and stuck them in their web!

And nothing says Halloween like…PUMPKINS…


We all know Halloween FALLS in the month of October, which also brings Autumn and if you were to walk into the Toddler Two classroom you would see just that…all things Autumn.

Counting and sorting the pinecones.
They filled their sensory bin with different Fall items they collected while outside.
They took a closer look at the colours of the leaves.
And they used the leaves as inspiration as they painted…

The Toddler One classroom FALLowed suit, and stuck to the Autumn and Halloween themed week – while they painted Fall inspired paintings, practiced their counting and colours when sorting the leaves, and created skeleton bones using cotton swabs and glue.

“Leaves blowing in the wind”…can you see it?
Using our fine motor skills with the tongs to sort the different coloured leaves.
“them bones them bones, them crazy bones!”

Alongside all the decorating, we had a busy week with our extra curricular programs, starting the week off, was Suzie Sunshine…with one of our favourites!

We also had a bonus music program join us this week called, Music Together. A program that focuses on, “how the content and process of developmentally
appropriate music activities can support young children’s language and literacy skill


We discussed mindful movement, connecting emotions and feelings this week with Meditating Munchkins, and spread our love to Jack the turtle, while moving slow and steady just like him…


And last, but not least, we had our French Fridays with Ms. S, where we learnt a few new words relating to Halloween. It was…effrayant!

Halloween may still be 11 days away, but we are more than ready here at The House…as you saw. And…we are also ready to enjoy the season-high temperatures that are in the forecast for this weekend! Sliding into the weekend like…


Enjoy! 🙂

The Chartwell House


Let it FALL Let it FALL Let it FALL

We have been a very busy House, and therefore missed our blog update last week, and so I would like to take this time to say how THANKFUL we are for all of you! We hope you enjoyed your long Thanksgiving weekends! 🙂

Now, let’s have a look to see what happened this week in photos:

The Kinder classroom has been working on their letter recognition with apple picking, number recognition with pom-poms and turkeys, and practicing their penmanship while looking at Autumn inspired words.


Preschool took a break from all things Fall, and stuck with their good friend Pete the Cat this week. They worked on their letter recognition, and colours as they grooved with Pete through the week.

Toddler Two have been exploring all types of “lines” from straight lines to wiggly lines.

And the Toddler Ones were still hanging on to Summer has they blew lots and lots of bubbles, rode the bikes, and jammed to the beat of their own…



It may have been a short week, but it was action packed with a few of our extra curricular programs taking over…

Animal Ambassadors came with 8 special animals to show and share – see above.


We had music fun with our new music program – “M is for Music,: with Rachelle.

frenchAnd we have been working on our colours with Ms. S for French Fridays!

Speaking of French:

We would like to introduce you to: Madame Nancy – she runs BRAVO French Tutoring here in Oakville and is offering not only tutoring, but also private lessons that would be tailored to your child ages 7 to 10. She has tutored Alex’s son, who believes Madame Nancy is who kick-started his interest in learning more languages. She has provided us with her French-English sentence of the week, which is:

“L’automne, les feuilles changent de couleurs = In autumn, the leaves change colour.’

For more information on Madame Nancy, please see below…Merci! 🙂

It may have been a short week, and we may have all been in turkey recovery, but it was action packed and we look forward to next week when Suzie, Monkeynastix, Rockin’ Rattles and Meditating Munchkins take over!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Stay dry 🙂

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A photo says a thousand words.

Before you scroll on, I recommend finding a comfortable spot so you are able to kick your feet up and relax while scanning through the photos that capture just what went on here at The House this week…

Feet are up? Let’s scroll…



From classroom, to our extra curricular programs that made an appearance this week: Karate, Yay! Yoga, Music with Rochelle, and French with Ms. S.

To the youngest of the House to the oldest, we wish all of you a wonderful weekend!

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Autumn is here!


It is officially the first day of Autumn! Can you be’LEAVE it?

We have fallen out of Summer, and jumped right into the leaves of Fall. Today may mark the first day of pumpkin-spice everything being available, and fresh-crisp air season, however, it feels like the middle of Summer, as we are currently riding the waves of a gnarly heat wave! – with temperatures spiking to 28, and feeling more like 40 over the weekend…do we complain? In the words of Pete the Cat, “goodness NO!”

That’s right, we will keep on walking along, singing our song, because it is all good!

Now, let’s see what happened here at The House this week…

We’ll keep on walking right up the stairs and into our Toddler district, where we will start in the Toddler One room to see just what the youngest group got up to.

The Toddler Ones were working on their hand-eye coordination, and fine-motor skills this week while scooping, dumping, building, and popping. They were scooping in the sensory bin, using a pair of tongs to transfer the colourful sponges to one bucket to the next, or using their hands to dump the buckets, which of course is the best part especially when you dump them on the floor! They stacked the blocks, building towers one black at a time, and a fan favourite is when they get to pop each one of those bubbles on the bubble wrap. Once you pop….

From one Toddler class to the next, we may be in a different classroom, but we are seeing similar interests in the two classrooms. The Toddler Twos were also working on their fine-motor skills, while practicing using the tongs, and finding different items to transport from one area of the classroom to another.

Above photo: The Toddler Twos practicing using those tongs to transfer the rocks into the muffin trays, or using our pinchers to grasp the small blocks to transfer them from basket to muffin tray. 

As they were transporting items from A to B, they just so happened to catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirrors as they walked by, and they caught their own refection….which resulted in an interest of checking themselves out.

They played with old CDs (we remember these?) to see their refection, and then as they painted mirrors they were able to see their own faces, and a whole different angle of how the brush meets the canvas.

From using our fine-motors, to taking over the mirrors, we move down into the Preschool area, where it was all about moving to the music! With Suzie Sunshine returning after summer vacation on Monday, the Preschoolers were all about the music.

When they weren’t banging on their drums, they were exploring with magnets – seeing where the magnets would stick or not stick, they also used the letter magnets to work on their letter recognition. Along with letter recognition, they have been practicing their pincer-grasp working at the writing centre. They also participated in an ABC challenge, where they bravely stood in the middle of circle time one at a time, and sang the alphabet all by themselves to the rest of the class.

They have also been working on their numbers, not only with counting the days of the week, but they have been counting and recognizing numbers on the fish, and counting the frogs as they hop from one lily-pad to the next.

After counting the fish and the frogs, they too were attracted by a mirror as they looked a little bit closer at their emotions.

Looking at the different faces of emotions, they pointed and shared just how they were feeling, and then had a look in the mirror to practice that feeling.

To keep this ball of emotions rolling, let’s head on over to the Seniors of the House, where they, funny enough, were talking all about emotions. How they handle different emotions, what causes different emotions, and why they go through these emotions. Sometimes we may be sad, and to help us turn a frown upside down, is a friend. Not only have the Seniors been talking all about emotions, they also started talking about friendships, and what friendship means, and how to be a good friend. For example, a good friend can help another friend out when they are feeling sad. Another way to beat feeling sad, is playing with your friends, and discovering all that the Senior Preschool classroom has to offer…

Above photos: They’ve been busy building – using the blocks, using the screw-driver, and using the diggers in the sand in the sensory bin. 

Below photos: They have been working hard on their letter recognition. Working as a team to put the alphabet puzzle pieces together, using play-doh to form the letter shown on the card, and decorating the first letter of their names. 

When we weren’t in the classrooms, we were singing and dancing with Suzie Sunshine, and again with Rockin’ Rattles! We also welcomed back Meditating Munchkins, Monkeynastix, and our French Fridays with Ms. S! Busy, busy, busy!

Stay tuned for next week, when we welcome back Karate, Yoga and a very new music program…

Speaking of music….drum roll please….it’s the weekend! And that….is music to my ears!

Enjoy the heat wave! Stay cool.

The Chartwell House.



You would not guess that Autumn is only a week a way with the heat wave we have been riding this week – it has been a hot, hot, week here at the House, but yet we continue to keep our cool…


You know what else is cool? The fact that all these children are not afraid to pet a snake!  Animal Ambassadors returned after the summer vacation for their first visit back, and they did not disappoint. They brought in a yellow snake, a turtle, a hedgehog, a bearded dragon, a bunny, a guinea pig, a ferret, and a Leopard Gecko!

We welcomed back the Animals this week, and next week we are very excited to have Suzie Sunshine, Monkeynastix and Meditating Munchkins back!

When we weren’t braving the snake, we were in our classrooms learning all about…

For the Toddler Ones it was all about learning how to take turns – they were practicing to take turns to go up and down the classroom slide. They learnt the importance of taking turns, and how this kind act will help prevent any boo-boo from happening while having a blast on the slide.

One at a time during the climb. 

With a few new faces joining us in the Toddler One room, we started back to the basics, and started to learn each others names. Each having a chance to decorate their very own…

H is for…

Now that Toddler One has had their turn, let’s head over into Toddler Two where they  explored their senses and many different textures. They mixed different spices into the paint, to produce the best smelling art, they took a closer feel to rocks, and they painted bubble wrap to feel the bumps and grooves while they moved the brush over the bubbles.

Above photo: Using the spiced paint to create fresh-scent art!

Below photo: Exploring all the different textures through-out the classroom.

From Toddlers to Preschool we go, go go….

And how do we go? Well, this was discussed in Preschool this week while they talked and learnt all the different ways of transportation. From cars, to bikes, to walking, to flying…we are always on the move, especially in the Preschool room.


How do we go?

As a group, the Preschool class brainstormed different ways of transportation. They came up with the above on their own, and then discussed their favourite ways to transport from A to B.

They also worked on their letter recognition, spelling out the word C-A-R and practiced tracing the letters of the alphabet.



From transportation to exploring the classroom, we go to Preschool into the Senior Preschool room where it was all about exploring the different activities found through-out the classroom. With a few new faces in our Senior class as well, it was all about learning the different stations, what resources are available, what goes where, and the rules of the class…and most importantly they met Isabelle the classroom fairy who leaves letters for the class, and special instructions to follow through-out the school year.

Knock Knock….who’s there? Isabelle. Isabelle who?……Thought I was going to tell a joke? I will instead leave you with a cliff hanger…

Exploring all the different materials found through-out the classroom – from the scale, to open-ended art supplies, to sensory over load to painting pictures. The opportunities in the Senior class are endless, and the Seniors themselves are seeing just what they can get their hands on.

The heat wave continues and so I am heading out to ride the waves! The weekend is here and it’s suppose to be sunny and clear! So enjoy! 🙂 Until next week…

The Chartwell House.



School is in session.


That’s right – we are back! After taking a break for the end of summer fun, the blog is back up and running! And to start it off – I wanted to capture just what happened last week at the House. (Please note: The blog will be posted on Fridays – but due to the Grandparents Tea last Friday, I am posting last weeks today).

Speaking of Grandparents – they seem to have been the topic of the week, as each class prepared their art for the Tea party, and talked all about what they do with their Grandparents, and why we love them so much!

A few reasons why we love them so much…

The children mentioned many different activities that they like to do with their Grandparents, including: playing with trucks in the sand, singing in the car, and working on puzzles – to name a few. Here are the Toddlers of the House decorating their favourite activities.

Very focused on the painting of the truck.
“If we’re happy and we know it, we sing with our Grandparents!”
We go together like…

The Seniors of the House painted their own pictures of what they liked to do with their Grandparents. See below for the painted picture of – “I like driving with Grandma and Grandpa!”

Driving with the G-Rents.

The Preschool class talked all about Family, worked on their letter recognition spelling out G-R-A-N-D-M-A and G-R-A-N-D-P-A, and also got to practice their scissor-using skills.

The preparation for the Grandparent Tea was well worth the hard work, as the day arrived and it was a hit! The children were so excited to present their artwork,  show-off their classrooms, and of course they were excited when they heard COOKIES would be making an appearance. With live-music, iced-tea, photo-booth fun, and lots of happy faces, we think Grandparents tea was quite a blast! And we could not have done it without all of you, and so we would like to THANK all of you who made Grandparents Day Tea here at The House such a success 🙂

Here’s to all the Grandparents, and for all that you do 🙂

The Chartwell House (stay tuned for Fridays post!)


Went fishing. But we are back!

I apologize for the hiatus, but with Summer coming to an end, yours truly took advantage and enjoyed a few days off to soak up the rays!

Now back to our regular scheduled programming…

We had a picnic with our Teddy bears the first week of August, and then we read and discovered all the classics from Eric Carle the second week, which brings us to this week where we talked all about…rain

the (drum roll please!)………………………………………………………………………….RAIN FOREST!

It’s time to take you through the House, and see the adventures the children got up to this week while exploring deep into the rain forest. We will start up the stairs in the Toddler One room…

Colouring their slimy soon to be snakes!
Using cotton swabs to paint lizards. Did you think you’d EAR that before?
Lizards, Snakes and Toucans…oh my! Those Toucans were made with our footprints so they should be called TOE-cans right? 

Above photo: The final product. 

As we venture into the room next door, we head into the Toddler Two part of the forest.

Rain forest in a bin. 
Have you been to a rain forest before? It’s such a zoo. 
Snakes on a table. 
The Toddlers putting the rain in rain forest. 

From Toddlers to Preschool we go. And as you neared the Preschool doors you would have heard the Animal Boogie coming from the speakers….


“Down in the jungle in the midday heat,
What can you see stomping it’s feet?
With a stompy stomp here and a stompy stomp there,
What’s the creature stomping it’s feet?”

If you want to hear it live, Ms. Shannon is more than willing to boogie!

Let’s see what the Preschoolers were up to…

Above photos: Focused on making frogs, and all hands were on deck to make Toucans.


Hands and feet to make Toucans, glue and patience to make frogs, and a loooooong time to complete the snakes. But it’s complete.


Work hard. Play harder.

Let’s leave these animals, and check in on the Seniors of the House.

You say Rain Forest, we say…Giraffe!


Above photos: All things rain forest when it came to sensory play.


Rolling and painting with bubble wrap.


Stompy stomp here. Stompy stomp there.

Where in the world are the rain forests?

After venturing through the rain forest, there’s nothing better than having a picnic with your friends…

And to stretch out the week, we ended with our Jungle Yoga. A special thank you goes out to Ms. Rogers for being the Yogi of the House.



The House this week may have been a zoo, or jungle, or rain forest, but stay turned because….”duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun…” next week will be a splash!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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